Church of Latter-days Saints official checkmates journalists


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-days Saints official Sierra Leone has frustrated journalists who official went to their church premises to seek firsthand information over the protest of some church members.

Some of these church members were calling for the removal of the Missionโ€™s president and accusing him for being a racist couple with other maltreatments of some local members.

โ€˜โ€™Why are you here? Why canโ€™t you go and concentrate on the many problems of your country. Journalists these days do not know what to doโ€™โ€™.  The official said.

These are some of his statement he made to the journalist and he is known to be a Nigerian national who refused to properly identify himself when journalists went to the church premises to seek firsthand information as a result of the protest action by its members.

The church official believed to be a Nigerian national could not give audience to the journalists and was saying all sort of things about our country Sierra Leone.

On last Wednesday this year, members of the church of Latter-days Saints stage a protest calling for the removal of the Mission president accusing him of been a racist couple with other maltreatments of some local members.

Aggrieved members of the church displayed placards reading โ€˜no to a racist presidentโ€™ president Clawson and president Harper are missedโ€™.

Members of these church also blocked the entrance of the church premises using some giant padlocks and some objects.

The protesters also accused the Missionโ€™s President of divided rule and that he look down on African Missionaries.

The White Mission President, James Jarvis since his arrival in Sierra Leone has never visited the home of a single member according to the allegations. They also accused the Mission President of having no respect for black Missionaries let alone Sierra Leoneans in the Mission.

This according to them they sated that it is not how the church should operate.

The aggrieved members described the Missionโ€™s President as a racist and called for his removal in Sierra Leone. This latest action by the members led to an emergency meeting held on Friday 6th January 2023. Jarvis was also accused of asking members of the Human Resources Department to leave the office without any official notice. Investigation continues and more details to follow.


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