Celebrating ten years Anniversary,Ecobank Donates School Items to Awanda School in Bo.


Ecobank has on Tuesday, 10th November 2023, celebrated its tenth year of banking activities in the country. This celebration event took place in Awada Secondary School Conference Hall, Bo District. The bank however decided to celebrate this event in the Awada Secondary School with a view to show its passion to support education in the country.

The Managing Director, Mr. Sebastian Ashong Katai, started by acknowledging the stakeholders of Ecobank and the entire Ecobank Staff. He said Ecobank celebration Day was a day started in 2013. He continued that though the institution aims at making money by maximizing profit, but must also contribute to the country’s development.

The Ecobank Managing Director continued saying that the bank had played a major role in malaria treatment and prevention, helping the less privilege and further said that this time was their right to give support to education. This was shown through the donation of items such as fifteen (15) desktops computers, twenty tables and chairs, one air conditioner, one white board and packet of markers, software packages and finally refurbishing of Awada School ICT Lab.

He encouraged school pupils to apply technology in their school activities as technology is the bedrock of educational advancement especially in the area of research. He eventually gave thanks to the audience in the hall and by extension the Awada School pupils and staff.

Bo District Council Chairman, Victor Hindowa Kosseh, reflected back on the theme of Ecobank Celebration Day which reads thus; ‘’Transforming Africa through Education.’’  He said the theme was a laudable and carefully selected. He made this statement due to the lots of development education has made in Africa. He buttressed that even though we are trying to match up with the world, but yet we are not getting the actual technological infrastructure.

He continued that they as council heads are ready to work with private sector that are ready to boost education. He pointed out again that Bo District is still grappling with educational facilities. He further said that he is a key customer to Ecobank, adding that he is getting challenges with the other banks as a result of that.

‘’This initiative has made me as a politician to lobby with other banks to give them the same platform. Thank you Ecobank for choosing the Awada School. Even though I am not opportune to attend the school but my son attended the school before leaving for the United States,’’ he said.

Mrs. Chadia Talib, proprietress of the school, gave the vote of thanks by acknowledging members of the high table. She said they as a school were privileged to receive the donated items from Ecobank, adding that they had no regret to partner with Ecobank and also furthered to be grateful to the Ecobank for choosing the Awada School.

She said the Awada School is the first private school in the Southern Province, founded in 1976. She praised the school for its hundred percent passes in both West Africa Senior Secondary School Examinations and Basic Education Certificate Examinations results.

She added by expressing the great personalities the school has produced and such people comprise lawyers, Medical Doctors, Ministers and Deputy Ministers and further cited that the Chief Minister is an alumni of the school. She again gave thanks to Ecobank and said that communities are healthier when resources are shared.


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