MOHS & Partner launch Massive Polio Vaccination


By Roseline Bangura

The Sierra Leone Ministry of Health & Sanitation and National Public Health Agency with support of WHO, UNICEF among others have on Wednesday 5th June 2024 completed the first round of a nation wide vaccination campaign to control the spread of vaccine drive type 2 polio virus in Sierra Leone.

In a press briefing, the Ministry of Health and National Public Health held at their headquarter at Wilkinson Road in Freetown said the outcome and challenges of the first round of the polio vaccination campaign were lessons learnt.

Mr Harold Williams said the media is there to facilitate and ensure that they pass on their messages. Therefore, they appreciated the role it has played on the first round of the polio vaccination launch at national level.

Dr Vaadara Foshi, Chief Health & Nutrition, said that the UNICEF family are ready to kick-start the second round of the Massive polio vaccination campaign, adding that that the special vaccine was out since March thereby giving the alert at the right time.

Western Area Urban, he said, was a challenge for them and with this special vaccine Noval vivi2, they need to see that the two things come up since that time.

He furthered that the Ministry of Health & Partners have been able to bring 3.6million dozes Of vaccine, emphasizing that they are able to bring those vaccine for the first round completed and said second round is around 1.8 million dose to cover the beneficiaries up to 5yrs.

He also discussed about the end of the outbreak response which he said to be counted, bought back and be disposed after use.

“It will be a treat to everyone if the vaccine is not brought back to be counted or be depose. it will therefore be a threat to all children. We have however put the vaccine in good monitors,” he noted.

The press briefing was ended with questions and answers from different Media outlets and called on all journalists present to assist them in spreading the news and join them in this campaign of polio vaccination round 2.


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