BY Kabs Kanu

My brothers and sisters, yesterday sealed it. It is done. Caput. SLPP and APC have made peace and will work together for national unity. Even Samura Kamara did not any hint of a runoff or a fight to get back what he thought was taken from him. The Samura Kamara I saw posing with President Bio yesterday; the Samura Kamara I listened to and analyzed his speech line by line is now resolved to accept the supremacy of Maada Bio and work with the SLPP Government in the interest of peace and national unity.

There is not going to be a runoff . There is not going to be a handing over of power to anybody. Maada Bio has got away with it.

So that Kamalo cassava lif some of our comrades ate that makes them resist reality and continue to build an adjoining of false hope even as every hope is crushed should not be eaten again. The Tihun cassava lif has prevailed. MAADA BIO is going to be our President until 2028.

Make nobody nor bring SLPP / APC palaver to me again. The politicians we are dying for have reconciled. Pictures do not lie. Pictures tell the story of a thousand words. Alusine and Alhassan are now smoking the peace pipe.

When I write and criticize now, it is as a patriot of Sierra Leone. I am no longer going to fight a battle that the combatants have resolved to bring to an end.

An arrangement had been made and only the politicians know about it.

If it turns out that I am wrong, I am a humble man. I will ask for forgiveness. I will not be surprised if Alusine and Alhassan end up forming a GOVERNMENT OF NATIONAL UNITY.


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