Are Intellectuals in the SLPP SCARED to Take On Chernor Alpha M. Bah?

Can we get experts in the Maada Bio presidency to respond to the issues raised by Dr Chernor Alpha M. Bah of the AFRICANIST PRESS on the recent government of the United States’ $430,000,000 MCC Compact Grant won by the SLPP-led government of the Republic of Sierra Leone? (Dr. Alpha M Bah recently earned his doctorate degree from Northwestern University in the United States, among the top 100 universities in the world, and he now lectures in the same university; and Chernor Alpha M Bah is also the Founder of the African Socialist Movement, which he founded when he was an undergraduate student at Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone, about 25 years ago – challenging the paradigm of Western Socialism, and giving Socialism a pan-African hue. Chernor Alpha M Bah is also an author of well-researched books – that includes a book on the Ebola epidemic in West Africa in 2014; and another book on Western corporate gangsterism in West Africa. He was a former Editor of CONCORD TIMES in Sierra Leone about twenty years ago).

Those elites in the government of President Maada Bio who preen with their bachelor’s, Master’s, and doctorate degrees, or, have gotten senior political appointments because it their academic credentials, should prove their mettle by robustly addressing and publishing on the issues raised by Dr Chernor Alpha M Bah. Except, of course, the SLPP intellectuals are afraid to tackle Dr Chernor Alpha M Bah; like they have been scared to engage Mohamed Sankoh (aka One Drop), Editor of NATIONALIST newspaper in Freetown, after the relentless bombardment of the SLPP’s positions by One Drop over the past six years.


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