A PLEA FOR PEACE: SLPP And APC Urged to Uphold Tripartite Talks Outcome and Safeguard Innocent Lives


by Mahmud Tim Kargbo

Wednesday, 19th June, 2024

In Sierra Leone, the recent tripartite talks have offered a ray of hope for national unity, reconciliation, and progress. As the country stands at a crucial juncture following these discussions, a heartfelt appeal is being made to the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) and the All People’s Congress (APC) party to honour the outcome of the talks, refrain from divisive actions, and prevent any negative actions that could lead to the loss of innocent lives. This article highlights the imperative need for both political parties to prioritise peace, stability, and the well-being of all citizens in Sierra Leone by upholding the agreements reached through the tripartite talks.

The tripartite talks in Sierra Leone were a significant step towards addressing key issues, fostering dialogue, and promoting national unity. The outcomes of these discussions carry immense weight in shaping the country’s future and ensuring a peaceful and prosperous path forward. It is imperative that the SLPP and the APC party, as the two major political stakeholders, demonstrate a commitment to respecting the decisions made during the talks and refrain from engaging in actions that could disrupt the peace and endanger innocent lives in the country.

The tragic history of violence and conflict in Sierra Leone stands as a stark reminder of the devastating consequences of political unrest and communal strife. The loss of innocent lives, the displacement of families, and the destruction of communities are scars that still resonate in the nation’s collective memory. It is essential for the SLPP and the APC party to heed this somber legacy and work together to prevent any negative actions that could reignite past divisions, sow discord, and jeopardize the hard-won peace that the country has strived to build.

The protection of innocent lives and the preservation of peace should be paramount considerations for both political parties even as they navigate the post-tripartite talks landscape. It is incumbent upon the SLPP and the APC party to exercise restraint, promote non-violence, and engage in dialogue and cooperation to address any contentious issues or disagreements. By committing to peaceful means of resolving disputes, both parties can set a positive example of responsible leadership and demonstrate their dedication to the well-being and security of all Sierra Leoneans.

The call for the SLPP and the APC party to respect the outcome of the tripartite talks and keep the peace for the greater good of Sierra Leone is a plea for unity, mutual respect, and a shared commitment to the country’s stability and progress. Let us urge both parties to set aside differences, transcend political affiliations, and work towards building a harmonious and inclusive society that values the sanctity of human life, upholds the rule of law, and champions the principles of peace and justice.

The well-being and security of innocent lives in Sierra Leone should be a common cause that unites all citizens, irrespective of political affiliations or backgrounds. Let us join hands in appealing to the SLPP and the APC party to honour the outcomes of the tripartite talks, avoid negative actions that could endanger lives, and foster a climate of peace, reconciliation, and unity for the betterment of the nation. Together, we can build a peaceful, resilient, and inclusive Sierra Leone that cherishes the dignity and safety of all its people.


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