Magdalene Isha Marah: a rising football Adminiatrator & Fan Club Chairlady of Mighty Blackpool


Mighty Blackpool Football Club was founded in 1923 and it is one of the oldest and most successful football clubs in Sierra Leone; having won the Premier League fifteen times and the FA Cup four times.

The ‘Tis Tas Boys’ have a fierce rivalry with East End Lions FC. Both clubs have made history together in terms of trophies, membership, CAF representation and players sales etc.

All over the world, Football Fan Clubs play a crucial role in the success of football clubs. They provide essential support and contribute to the overall atmosphere and excitement of the game.

The behavior of football supporters is influenced by various factors such as family, friends, economic issues and time availability.

Mighty Blackpool Football Club Supporters Union female wing is headed by Magdalene Isha Marah a rising football administrator.

She is very much committed to the club’s success by encouraging many women to join the fan club, motivating the players’ performance, providing of membership welfare, fan club’s visibility and among many others.

Magdalene fell in love with the beautiful game as a young child from St Joseph’s Secondary School, when one of her uncles who was a football fanatic used to take her to watch football matches in a place called ‘Pear Stick’ at New England ville.

At a very tender age, she began following football more especially local competitions and was also watching International Competitions especially the English League because of Arsenal Football Club which she’s a fan.

As a result of this, she was always placed in a better position in football discussions.

When asked about how she fell in love with Mighty Blackpool, Magdalene said that few years back, some fans approached her to be part of Mighty Blackpool Fan Club during the POTAFA Competition at School Yard. “Interestingly, they never knew that the Club is my childhood club.
And I told them that I have no problem with that because I love the Club.”

Magdalene is the Manager of Odokoko FC, the runners up at the POTAFA League in 2023.

She further stated she got attracted to the Club through their Slogan “Tis Tass” chanted by Fans at the Siaka Stevens Stadium which shares fence with her School.

Speaking on her love for the game, the madam Marah added “As a woman with so much passion in Football, I am poised to emulate Madam Fatma Samoura who served as FIFA Secretary General and also held top Football Positions and also like Madam Isha Johansen former SLFA President, FIFA Council Member and CAF Executive Member.

And I do believe with Mighty Blackpool and the Current development of Sierra Leone Football by God’s I will achieve my goal.”

She’s a young gem who believes that women can do well in football if opportunities are provided.


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