Any attempt to give false information is Fraud -Raymond George ECSL Media Boss


By Mustapha E. Dumbuya

The Director of Media and Communications Raymond A.N George at the Electoral Commission Sierra Leone (ECSL) told journalists that any attempt by any individual to give false information during the ECSL registration process is considered as fraud.

The Director made this Statement during the weekly government press briefing last week at the Ministry of Information and Communications Youyi Building in Freetown.

According to him, there are 607 under age registrants whose details had been detected.

The Director Explained that before then the commission issued strict warning to citizens who might intend to given false information.

He said that after extracting all the eligible names of qualified Sierra Leoneans and imputed them into the Voter Verification kits, it was where they discovered some of these details were underage persons.

The Director further explained that after the data captured the ineligibles, they compared them against the NCRA existing data.

He confirmed that they did over 90 to 95% march and what was only change was the dress code but the finger print and their faces were the same.

“Some even gone to extend by changing their date of birth and their names as well” the Director said.

Mr. George stressed that any attempt to give false information is Fraud and there are evidence to hand.

“As we have submitted the matter to the Sierra Leone police for further investigation, the Commission is ready to prove such evidence at a competent court of law,” he said.

He concluded that all the International Observers are free of having access during polling stations voting process and they are also free to ask questions, if they wish.

The ECSL has a code of conduct that will be used during the elections day.

The Director of operations Mohamed Turay from the Electoral Commission Sierra Leone used the parameters of allocations of seats based on the 2016 and the 2022 Mid-term census.

Having done that, such calculation showed that ECSL now has 135 seats Parliamentary and same to Local councils seats, which is 489 added by 2 and divided by 2 which is 2093 seats for local councils seats.


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