APC Chairman Elect in Kambia calls for unity


The Chairman Elect of the All Peoples Congress (APC) in Kambia District Amadu Thamsellah has engaged all Executive members of the party to discuss issues around ending internal party conflicts.

According to him, the goal of every party executive and none executive members is bringing back the party to power, so he appealed to everyone present in the meeting to work towards fostering peace.

 Amadu Thamsellah has clearly stated to his executive that in the APC contest there is no looser, all party members contesting for positions are doing so because of the mandate provided by the party legal instrument, on that note we are calling on everyone to come onboard and steer the ship of APC victory.

‘’I cannot succeed in bringing the glory of APC in the district without team work and commitment, I think it is necessary for us all to establish a United force against the most ever unpopular government Sierra Leoneans has produced” the Chairman said.

 According to him, one man cannot exterminate this ungodly government, one man cannot terminate the contract of any existing government, that is why I am pleading to all APC loyalists to assemble all their political ideas which we can utilize and get our positive result in the fourth coming elections.


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