SPAC – West Africa Engages journalists on Agroecology & Climate Change


By Abdul Karim Sankoh

FEBRUARY, FREETOWN, SIERRA LEONE, WEST AFRICA: The Strategic Partnerships for Agroecology and Climate Justice in West Africa (SPAC-West Africa) project has on Tuesday 20th February 2024 held a Regional online engagement on Agroecology and Climate Justice.

This project was funded by ActionAid Nigeria and it was geared towards enhancing the knowledge of Climate Change and Agriculture reporters on Agroecology and Climate Justice as well as Fostering Meaningful Conversations on in-depth reportage and promotion of agroecology and climate justice in West Africa.

It should be noted that the outcome of the conference also ensured diverse perspectives and insights that came forth from the various presenters including related comments invited from reporters across nations who participated on the online engagement event.

Making presentations, one of the presenters presented on ‘The Challenges of Highly Hazardous Pesticides (HPPs) in West Africa and Agroecology as an alternative’ which critically delved into the issue of problem tree as well as gave statistics on the prevalence of stunning in children under the age of five by region within sub-saharan Africa showing a higher prevalence (33.9%) in comparison with Northern Africa and made comprehensive classification of Pesticides among others.

The other presenter by the name of Samuel Robert Kwasari shed light on ‘Why Agroforestery/Regenerative Agriculture.’ He pointed out Community Based Nutrition, Healthy/ Balanced Ecosystems, a Brief on the BHF Agroforestery Project, the Goals of Agroforestery Project, Our Agroforestery System Output, Soil Health and Food Sustainability among others.

The whole conference was indeed accounted for a success which was climaxed by shared commitment by all to fostering informed discourse and driving positive change largely across the West African Region.


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