President Bio Distresses Muslims Who Observed Eid ul Fitr Ramadan Pray Day in Total Black Out


By Abu Shaw in London (22/04/2023) 

The failed incumbent President Julius Maada Bio is known for retrogression due to bad governance in the last five years of violent and autocratic rule.

For the first time in many many years, Sierra Leoneans experienced a total blackout during the Eid al Fitr Ramadan Prayers yesterday. One of the retrogressions, so persistent under President Bio, is the lack of uninterrupted electricity supply in Sierra Leone, especially for the majority of the poverty-stricken citizens who could not afford power generators and over-priced fuel to power the machines to generate electricity in their households or businesses. The rotten government could only provide ten days of power supply throughout the Ramadan period, astonishing. (Photo: Sierra Leone is the darkest nation in the world).
Yesterday was one of those darkest days in the annals of Sierra Leone. During the Eid ul Fitr Ramadan Prayers, Sierra Leone was plunged into total darkness leaving the capital city Freetown and most of the major towns nationwide in a blackout. Sierra Leone Muslims observing the end of the Holy month of Ramadan were left fuming with rage for the lack of electrification to make the Pray Day event an enjoyable and respectable and progressive one for everyone including non-Muslims. Every Sierra Leonean knows that it was not like this during the era of the last APC government of President Ernest Bai Koroma. Sierra Leone enjoyed uninterrupted electricity. 
Even other Sierra Leoneans of other faiths were not impressed leaving them disgusted and disappointed in the ruling SLPP government for its insensitivity in catering to the interests of the electorates at this crucial time. Disturbingly, many level-headed SLPP supporters were and still are dying of shame because of the lack of electricity to mark the end of the Holy month of Ramadan, one of the holiest and five pillars of Islam. (Photo: Energy Minister Kanja Sesay, a very corrupt official like his boss President Bio).
It is not a surprise that Sierra Leone continues to be in total darkness for the last five years and in recent times things have gone from bad to worse. Yet, President Bio is shamelessly demanding the people to vote for his corrupt regime in June 24, 2023 elections. Citizens have expressed dismay at the lack of uninterrupted electricity in the country which has exacerbated the already catastrophic situation pinching peoples’ lives. “Today, we cannot light our electrical appliances without light. Perishing goods are being damaged due to power shortage making our lives a misery,” an angry citizen in Bo City, southern Sierra Leone cried. 

Last week, Bo City and Kenema City were plunged into darkness due to the unavailability of electricity. Absolute madness! And as the crucial June 24, 2023 elections come closer, the unavailability of power supply is not good publicity for President Bio and the SLPP regime. Even diehard SLPP supporters are disgruntled and hopeless about any success of the ruling government. A leaked SLPP audio confirmed the hopelessness of the SLPP supporters for the deplorable state of affairs today. “It is a shame that our government cannot bring light during Pray Day. A blackout is not good for our chances to win the elections. Two months to the polls our government cannot even provide constant electricity for the nation,” a diehard SLPP supporter blasted in an SLPP forum.

The SLPP member continued: “Those responsible for providing power supply are undermining the government. Tell me how can we win elections like this? Imagine having only ten days of the whole Ramadan month with electricity in the country. How do you expect the voters to vote for us? We expect the government to do something positive in the weeks remaining before the elections. But so far, we are suffering and not seeing any light on the horizon,” the SLPP man outlined the current problems. 


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