Samura Kamara, Running Mate Visit  Kambia


The Flagbearer of the Sierra Leone main opposition All People Congress party (APC) Dr. Samura Kamara and running mate paid visit to the people of Tonko Limba in Kambia district after observing the Eid-ul-fitri prayer in Mambolo.

Thousands of supporters where in groups jubilating and welcoming Dr Samura Matthew Wilson Kamara with his running mate and other key APC party stakeholder in constituency 058 in Kambia District.

They were also welcomed by the political leader of the constituency, Dr Joseph Sam Sesay who was the first key APC party stakeholders to endorse Samura Kamara`s candidacy.

Their visit was met with great enthusiasm, as supporters and admirers assembled in Mabanda Town to the Chiefdom headquarters town of Madina, and welcomed them with cultural plays, songs in Limba, Temne, Fullah, Susu and chants of praise and hope.

The supporters expressed hope that the two leaders will free them from economic hardships, intimidation and harassment by the ruling government.

 Delivering his statement, Dr Kamara assured the people of Tonko for a brighter future and also called on them to unite as a party to free Sierra Leone from bad governance comes June 2023.

Dr. Samura explained that he will not be a “Tok N Do” President but a “Do N Tok”.

 He also told the people of Tonko Limba that he doesn’t believe in promises, but in realities and that he has listened to their cries.


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