BY ALHAJI TURAY                  

The Ops officer for Central Police Division, Superintendent George Momoh, has been recognized not only among colleague officers but also by members of the general public for his human and transparent manner while executing national duty.                             Superintendent Momoh had worked well in many provincial headquarter towns including Makeni City before he was recently sent to attach at the Central Police Division as Operations Officer where he had equally proved his competence and capability as a seasoned government administrator.       

Since superintendent Momoh assumed office few months ago, it is evident that crime such as arm robbery and other related lawless activities have been minimised drastically through by his robust and regular field patrols with his hardworking junior police officers at night.                     

According to findings among fellow officers, George Momoh’s passion to improve livelihood or welfare among junior police officers in his jurisdiction cannot be over-emphasize.                        

George Momoh is held to highest esteem among senior and junior colleague officers for his humble approach and human attributes in performing his constitutional duty.                                             

Speaking to Superintendent Momoh, who was caught up in an interview, expressed gratitude to the Inspector General of Police, Dr. Ambrose Michael suvula and DIG Elizabeth Turay, Deputy Inspector General of Police to recognise his good work at the Central Division as well as for exhibiting astute leadership thereby affirming that he is always committed to his duty and to continue serving Sierra Leone faithfully at all times.

 32 Year Old Driver Jailed To 5 Years For killing his 27 Year Old Uncle

By Feima Sesay

The convict, Foday Sawaneh, was sentenced by Appeals Court Judge at the High Court of Sierra Leone, Justice Monfred Sesay, after he pleaded guilty of the crime.

Prior to his conviction, Foday Sawaneh who has been in custody for three years now since his arrest in 2019, was standing trial at the High Court for the offence of murder and pleaded not guilty.

On the 12th January 2022, State Prosecuting Counsel, Aruna Jalloh, reduced the murder charge to manslaughter in the interest of justice and for fair trial for which the convict Foday Sawaneh took responsibility of his action thereby pleading guilty for killing his uncle, Foday Ishmael Kallon, by hitting him on his head with a cutlass at their 64B Black Hall Road residence in Freetown on Sunday 29th April 2018. This occurred after the deceased tried to stop the convict from beating his wife, Iye Sawaneh, and as a result of this, argument arose which trigered a fight between the two of them and the convict. Foday Sawaneh hit his uncle on the head with a cutlass.

Due to the serious nature of the injury he sustained on his head, the deceased Foday Ishmael fell on the ground and went unconscious as he was bleeding profusely.

He was rushed to the Connaught Hospital for urgent medical attention but died while undergoing treatment there.

After stabbing the deceased, Foday Sawaneh was at large almost for a year until 2019 when he resurfaced and was apprehended by some family members who handed him over to the police and was later charged to court for murder.

During his conviction, Foday Sawaneh in his alocutus pleaded for mercy, saying he is suffering in prison due to poor facility there.

His Lawyer, Cecelia Tucker, in her plea in mitigation on behalf of the convict, begged the bench to temper justice with mercy on Foday Sawaneh who she said did not waste the court’s time by pleading guilty.

Lawyer Cecelia Tucker urged the bench to take cognizance of the time Foday Sawaneh has taken in custody when handing down his sentence and also suggested a three year sentence for her client Foday Sawaneh.

Addressing the court on point of law, State Prosecutor, Aruna Jalloh, stated that for manslaughter, the law requires for a jail term not exceeding Twenty-Five years but urged the bench to give Foday Sawaneh Fifteen years jail term.

After listening to both counsel, Justice Monfred Sesay, in his verdict, sentenced Foday Sawaneh to five years imprisonment for killing his Twenty-Seven year old uncle Foday Ishmael Kallon in 2018.

According to Justice Monfred Sesay, the sentence is inclusive of the Three years Foday Sawaneh has spent on remand.


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