NCRA Announces prices for National ID Cards


The National Civil Registration Authority (NCRA) HAS Announced the Costs for the various categories of Securitised and Multi-Purpose Biometric Identity Cards.

According to the public notice it further wishes to inform the General public that application, processing and receipt of all categories of Biometric ID Cards for Persons of 12 years and above will be done at the respective NCRA offices and other designated Centres across the country. Details about the production of ID Cards for Children under 12 years will be communicated in due course.

The different categories and Costs of the Biometric ID Cards are as follows:

1. National Identity Cards for Sierra Leoneans only aged 12 and above – Le 140.00 (Nle)

2. ECOWAS ID Cards (on demand for Sierra Leoneans) – Le 240.00 (Nle)

3. ECOWAS ID Cards for Citizens of ECOWAS Member States – 400.00 (Nle)

4. Non-National ID Cards (Mandatory for Foreign residents in Sierra Leone) – 2,000.00 (Nle)

5. Application Fees – 5.00 (Nle)

6. ID Verification – depending on Field of interest


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