2021 Audit report is out!!


A statement from the Audit Service Sierra Leone said the Acting Auditor-General of Sierra Leone has submitted the Audit Report on the accounts of Sierra Leone for the year ended 31st December, 2021 to Parliament on Thursday 8th December, 2022 , and that it has been tabled in Parliament yesterday .

According to the press release “Section 119(2) of the 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone mandates the Auditor-General to audit the Public Accounts of Sierra Leone and all public offices including: the courts, the accounts of the central and local govenment administrations, the universities and public institutions of like nature, any statutory corporation, company or other body or organisation established by an Act of Parliament or statutory instrument or otherwise set up partly or wholly out of Public Funds” the statement noted .

The statement continued that ‘’Section 119(4) of the 1991 Constitution also states that the Auditor-General shall within twelve months of the end of the immediate preceding financial year, submit his report to Parliament and shall in that report draw attention to any irregularities in the audited accounts and to any other matter which in his opinion ought to be brought to the notice of Parliament.’’

It could be recalled that , there have been criticisms and cries on the illegal  suspension of the Sierra Leone’s Auditor-General madam Lara Taylor pearce and her deputy.

Both are standing trials on trump up allegations put before them by the state .

The delay in their trials has attracted wide ranging out cry both home and international.


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