Celebrating international day of education… VP Juldeh Jalloh celebrates Bio’s education gains


The Vice President, Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh  has joined school pupils and teachers across the country to commemorate the International day of education at the Attouga Mini stadium in the East end of Freetown.

Speaking at the commemoration ceremony, the VP thanked President Bio for his vision and his commitment to educating the children of Sierra Leone. The VP also celebrated the teachers across the country thanking them for being the engine and driver of the vision of President Bio.

He added that there was no better time to commemorate this day than when we have a President who is determined to educate young people no matter their socioeconomic background, their gender or disability. The VP cited the investment of Government in education and the numerous gains that have been made particularly in expanding enrollment and improving teaching and learning outcomes.

VP Juldeh Jalloh also spoke about the investment in the recruitment of over 10,878 teachers and improved conditions of service for teachers citing the 45 percent increase in salaries over the next three years. He therefore entreated the audience to celebrate President Bio for his vision and the immense opportunity he has given to every Sierra Leonean child to attained quality education for free.

The Vice President concluded amidst thunderous applause that President Bio’s government will continue to invest in education as it is the key to a more prosperous and developed Sierra Leone.


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