Viral Hepatitis Poses Major Threat to Sierra Leoneans -Rodney Michael


According to Mr. Rodney Michael, his little research done on Hepatitis has raised serious concern as the statistics rate on Viral Hepatitis are alarming. Globally, the World Health Organization (WHO) report on GLOBAL VIRAL HEPATITIS states that “325million people, or roughly 4% of the world’s population, live with Viral Hepatitis, and the disease causes 1.34 million deaths per year.” The Center for Infectious Disease, Research, and Policy (CIDRAP) states that this number is comparable to HIV, Tuberculosis, and Malaria. However, unlike those diseases, deaths from Viral Hepatitis are increasing, not declining. According to their report, “since 2000, deaths from Viral hepatitis increased by 22%.”

That is, 4 out of every 100 people in the world live with Viral Hepatitis. Mr. Rodney Michael said “I immediately decided to sound the alarm bells and challenge the Ministry of Health and the relevant departments to do more sensitization and encourage regular testing.” He continues to suggest that, it is necessary for every Sierra Leoneans to take the Viral Hepatitis test in order not to unknowingly infect others.

His suggestion is backed up with WHO report which said “African is one of the highest infected continents with Hepatitis C”

He imagines that, Sierra Leone might have its own quota of infected persons with the disease, and the sad reality “Most will not know about it” he said.

Indeed, it is curable, and a lot more is now known as to how best to prevent, treat and curtail it. “Have we?” Mr. Rodney Michael asked. He believes that as a Nation we need to do enough, like we did for HIV, MALARIA and POLIO. To ensure the Citizens known the causes, the risk and the danger it poses.  He concludes by accepting that he is not an expert, however, he wants to ignite the interest and actions and hopefully to encourage everyone to do the tests which must be made available in the hospitals and Pharmacies. He’s more concerned with the alarming rate and the less affordable access to treatment.  He ends with a quote “I am a friend, not a foe! I mean well”


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