A Doctors Protest

Sierra Leone junior doctors have begun an indefinite strike following an assault on Tuesday 13THApril 2021 against one of their members at the main referral Connaught Hospital in Freetown.

Dr Catherine Jackson-Cole was assaulted allegedly by people including senior health ministry officials who tried to stop her from filming a protest by cleaners who’ve themselves been on strike for over a week, making Connaught look like a garbage dump.

The cleaners have not been paid for almost a year by a contractor who says he’s not received his money from the Health Ministry for 15 months.

Now the junior doctors say they won’t return to work unless the assaulters who allegedly include the country’s Deputy Health Minister, Chief Medical Officer and the Permanent Secretary resign and the sanitary condition at the hospital is improved.

The minister and other senior government officials are presently trying to talk her out of pursuing legal redress.

In a social media video that went viral yesterday, National Secretary General of the APC, Foday Osman Yansaneh is heard saying that the SLPP has gone too far in brutalizing the people of this country and that he is warning them to desist or face the wrath of the people one day.  


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