Orange SL Celebrate Agro Fish Farm 6th Anniversary


By Feima Sesay

Orange Sierra Leone (OSL), the best mobile operator in the country, has joined Agro Fishing Company in celebrating its 6th anniversary in Sierra Leone.

This was not the first time OSL was supporting the empowerment of young people which have contributed to financial inclusion in the country.The event took place on Wednesday 4th October, 2023 at Bathurst Street in Freetown.

“Inspiring Women and youth to Embrace Fish Farming” is the theme for this year’s celebration.

Kamal Abass, Head of Public Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility OSL, said the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Agro Fish Farm SL, Aminata Kandeh, is not a stranger to OSL.

Orange SL, he said, has 17 affiliates in the Middle East and Africa, adding that the same way they are operating in Sierra Leone is a similar way of doing things in all its affiliate bodies in the world.

He explained that OSL social investment grant started in 2019 in the form of competition with a prize. He also stated that the competition was meant for everybody to apply and Aminata Kandeh emerged as the lucky winner.

The grant, he said, was launched to support and finance innovators and create employment for young people in Sierra Leone.

Abass disclosed that they started the competition with a small amount, but in five years, they increased the price to Le100m (one hundred million Leones). Since the launching of the investment grant, he said they discovered that women were the ones that participated, disclosing that this year, there were eight finalists in the competition and all of them were females from Limkokwing University.

Kamal also reminded the audience that they are living in a dynamic world that calls for constant exploration.  In the next 10 years, he said, certain people would become jobless because they knew it might not work for them.

He went on to state that it was only through e-commerce that they would create more jobs for themselves.

Abass revealed that OSL development trajectory targets health, education, agriculture and digital education.

In this year’s OSL Social Investment competition, Abass said, they would send their finalist, Hawanatu Sesay, for the international competition as they have been doing over the years.

He pointed out that OSL had been providing solar system to their various sites in the country to avoid environment pollution. In five years, he said, they had got 10 winners which were more of women since the launch of the grant.

He expressed Orange’s quest to support women while assuring Agro Fish Farm CEO, Kandeh, of the company’s financial support.

The CEO Agro Fish Farm Aminata Kandeh in reply expressed appreciation to Orange for their support over the years.

Kandeh went on to state that she started the Agro Fish Farm six years ago, adding that her company worked tirelessly to sustain the project although there were challenges.

“Today we are celebrating our 6th anniversary which has marked a remarkable work, and I am proud of it,” she expressed joy.

She also noted that over the years, they had been working to set the pace and standards in the fish farm industry. She disclosed that although the investment was faced with several challenges, yet they are slowly overcoming them as they had six ponds in six years.

Kandeh further informed the audience that through the Agro Fish Farm, she has represented Sierra Leone in Ghana, United States and other countries, and that she had learned a lot about the fishing

industry. “Our vision is to provide sustainable and reliable fish for everybody in the country,” she assured.

Throughout the six years, she said, they had made marks by producing thousands of fish and training thousands of women in the fish industry and pledged to do more. She expressed Agro Fish Farm’s commitment to hardwork to sustain the practice and innovation so that quality fish can be provided for every Sierra Leonean.

In the next six years, she said her institution would establish Fish Academy in Sierra Leone. She appreciated OSL for lending her a helping hand over the years, adding that women could earn even more with OSL.
In this place of nothingness

Saidu Bangura, Praia, October 6, 2023.


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