Inhuman treatment meted out on 5-year-old kid


Kadiatu Sesay, a 42-year-old petty trader of Masorie village, Waterloo,  is in detention at the Waterloo Police Station after she allegedly instructed 5-year-old Sullay Fofanah of same address to lift a hot-pot from the fire with his bare hands as a punishment for stealing “cold rice”.

After sustaining severe burns on both palms of his hands, 5-year-old Sullay Fofanah was eventually locked up inside a small room in their house by her aunt, Kadiatu  Sesay, who was administering medical treatments on the wounds.

The victim, Sullay Fofanah, has been taken to Don Bosco Homes for protective care.

Speaking to the police media Alieu Jalloh in waterloo police station stated that he is yet to follow-up since they had referred the matter to the Family support unit.

He noted he will try by all possible means by this week to know the latest development of the said matter.


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