Neneh Turay Assures APC Resounding Victory


By Ragan M. Conteh

Both the grassroots and stakeholders of the All People’s Congress (APC) party in communities in Port Loko District have thrown thier unflinching support to Madam Rugiatu Neneh Turay for the Chairperson of the Port Loko District Council.

They described Madam Rugiatu Neneh Turay as a pragmatic woman and trailblazer for the development of not only Port Loko district but Sierra Leone at large.

Through her hard work over the years, Port Loko District grassroots politicians have also described Madam Rugiatu Neneh Turay as a magnetic personality who comport herself with dignity that is exceedingly respectful.

Her loyalty and sincerity of purpose cannot be over stressed.

She is also regarded as someone who takes her work very seriously with no iota of doubt.

The strong woman is always on the ground advocating on issues that are of national interest, especially issues that are geared towards saving the lives of women and girls in the district.

Some of the legacies of Madam Neneh Turay over the years is not limited to the construction of schools, awards of scholarships to

both pupils and university students, provision of electricity, pure drinking water, skills training centers, construction of  health centre at Kamem, supply of hospital beds in six Chiefdoms, curbing gender based  violence issues among many others.

Madam Turay  was showered with praises and

felicitations following her exemplary work to help the lesspriviledged in not only Port Loko district but the entire nation.

Port Loko residents also stated that they personally doff their hats to Madam Turay humility since it is the foundation for all virtues.

They averred that, indeed,  Madam Rugiatu Neneh Turay had stood to rise.

In one of her interviews, Madam Turay stated to this medium that, “I will be down the roads heading for the Port Loko District Council Chairmanship position under the mighty APC and my heart will always be with the grassroots people and for the development of the APC party and Port Loko district.” One lesson that she always teaches to remind everybody is that the party is always bigger than an individual.

“we have to remember that it is better to work as a team, than to think negative about others. I believe, if we all worked together, it will be a different story in 2023. Today the APC is out of power. So, it is better to work hard, succeed, and then jubilate.” Madam Turay said.

Madam Turay’s popularity in the district is huge and she command a large Constituents that will give the APC a resounding Victory come 2023 general elections.

Some APC grassroots of the party have informed this medium that, for the APC to be able to get the numbers, the party must not be sentimental in awarding symbol under this proportional representation system.

“The party need popular candidates and Madam Rugiatu Neneh Turay is no exception. We need Madam Neneh Turay now than any other time” one Alimamy Thullah said.

Madam Neneh Turay is born APC and has demonstrated that indeed she has love for her party and has assured APC party membership in Port Loko District that, she will win elections with landslide and transform the district.


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