PPRC cautions Alfred Peter Conteh


Political Parties Regulation Commission (PPRC) has sternly cautioned the Interim Transitional Governing Commission (ITGC) Chairman, Alfred Peter Conteh, following a misconduct demonstrated by Peter Conteh by walking out in a conference meeting summoned by PPRC on Monday 14th November 2023 as well as a disparaging tweet put out by Alfred Peter Conteh saying that PPRC is interfering with the ITGC.

In a letter dated 16th November 2022, PPRC accordingly responded by noting that PPRC is established by Section 34(1) of Act No.6 of the 1991 Constitution thereby exclusively charged with the responsibility to supervise and monitor the activities of all registered political parties adding that in the exercise of their functions, they are not subject to the directions of any person or authority whatsoever.

In this open letter directed to Alfred Peter Conteh, it further mentioned that the ITGC Chairman is interfering with the Commission’s work and that such an act amounts to an offence under Section 10 of the Political Parties Act No. 3 of 2022.

“We shall not hesitate to invoke that section, if such brazen conduct persists,” the open letter warned. It further stated that the Commission is an independent institution and therefore nobody’s poodle.

“As an oversight body, we have advisedly chosen to stay in the middle, until His Lordship interpretes his judgement,” it noted.

The open letter counter-accused Alfred Peter Conteh that he has resorted to accusing the Commission for deepening the divide in the ITGC as a result of his uncontrollable desperation adding that Commission would reserve its opinion on such a wild accusation till His Lordship Rules.

“While we await the next barrage of profanities and scathing comments from your attack dogs, we will continue to sit in the middle as arbiters..,” the letter concluded.


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