1st In History of Party Politics… Bio Turns State House to SLPP Headquarters


Since the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) elected Hawa Foray as the new SLPP Women’s Leader, it has opened up several controversies amongst the leadership of the party.

Some of the controversial issues were raised by party supporters of Fatmata Sawaneh, accusing First Lady Fatima Bio of condoning election malpractices in favor of Hawa Foray who was declared winner.

Following this accusation, President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Julius Maada Bio addressed the newly-elected SLPP Women’s leadership at State House.

The president said as a leader, his business is to provide a level playing field so that the just-concluded election was conducted freely and fairly in the eyes of those who witnessed but might want to accept the results later.

The president went on to say that every election contender should always accept defeat and accept whatever the outcome of the result is.

He stressed that since the SLPP Women had provide their own leader and leadership, he advised them to always support the new leader for her to succeed.

He added that there are lots of things that happened, which came to his notice but that he will not discuss these issues in public. He added that his members should desist from using inflammatory statements against the loser as that is not good for the image of the party and country as a whole.

He explained that he believes that the election held at Catco Hall on Wilkinson Road was credible, free and fair.. He maintained that members should forget all what has been happened and think of the way forward “because we (SLPP) are in democratic state.)  

Our investigations reveal however, that on the previous election held in Kailahun, the election process started peacefully but later, supporters of Fatmata Sawaneh discovered some electoral malpractices in favor of Hawa Foray who is the new contender for the position of SLPP Women’s Leader.

They reportedly discovered massive election malpractices such as ballot stuffing, over-voting, violence which happened before and after the polls.

It could be recalled that Fatmata Sawaneh has been serving in the capacity of SLPP Women’s Leader since 2017.

According to party supporters, Mrs. Fatima Bio, First Lady of the Republic of Sierra Leone threw her support behind Hawa Foray and she has been accused of orchestrating all the electoral malpractice which took place at the time.

Some party supporters of Fatmata Sawaneh demonstrated by singing songs against Madam Fatima Bio as she is not the Leader of Sierra Leone but only got married to the President of Sierra Leone.

It is also reported that some electoral materials were found in the hands of Hawa Foray’s supporters.

Party supporters from the SLPP Grassroots disclosed that Madam Hawa Foray has been in the party structure for more than a decade and that she is currently serving as the Constituency Women’s Leader in one of the constituencies of Kenema City.

Some party senior members and stakeholders said the party is much stronger, older and more powerful than the First Lady because the party had produced many First Ladies before she came onboard.

Meanwhile, they advised the First Lady that in order for her not to destroy the good name of the party or drag it into disrepute, they would like her to take a back seat in the SLPP’s internal politics and allow the party to structure its executive.

In other words, the women are of the view that Fatima Bio must allow the women of SLPP to vote for the candidate of their choice and the right candidate who will provide them with the quality leadership they deserve.

Ex–Pres. Koroma Attends Kofi Annan Peace & Security Forum

Description: Ex-president Koroma's brother on the spot for tax evasion - The East African

Former President Ernest Bai Koroma has arrived in Accra, Ghana to attend the second edition of the Kofi Annan Peace and security (KAPSII) forum scheduled for 8th to 9th December, 2021.

This comes in less than 48 hours after the African Statesman successfully concluded his assignment as Head of the ECOWAS Election Observer Mission in The Gambia.

Former president Koroma is in Ghana to once again share his deep experience on democracy, peace and security at a forum established in honour of the Ghanaian-born former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan (late).

Annan dedicated most part of his life to the cause of Global peace and security.   This year’s KAPS forum will be on the theme: Democracy and governance in the context of complex crises in Africa.

This was chosen to coincide with the 20th Anniversary of the ECOWAS Protocol on Democracy and Good Governance adopted by the ECOWAS Heads of State in December 2001.

The forum is jointly organized by the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Centre in Accra and the Kofi Annan Foundation in Geneva. According to the organizers; the two institutions are coming together in view of their shared commitment to the values or the late Mr. Kofi

Annan whose understanding of peace was founded on a holistic vision of societies based on good governance democracy and human rights, especially in Africa.

Former President Ernest Bai Koroma will join other former African leaders, peace and security experts, diplomats and development experts to discuss the broad themes of peace and democracy consolidation in Africa.

Our pursuit for sustainable peace includes creating democratic societies with respect for Human rights and the dignity of everyone. The KAPS forum resides right in heart in the heart of this aspiration, said former president Koroma.

On the sideline, president is also expected to hold strategic meetings with his colleagues former president to a coalition of advocate for the establishment of an Africa Peace Engineering Corps (AfPEC).

The initiative seeks to have African countries to utilize a portion of their militaries during peace time to address some the continent, infrastructural, social and environmental problems.  

Following Alleged Gang Rape…

Police Round-up 52 Suspects in Bonthe District

By Anthony Vandy

Following an alleged gang rape incident on November 19, 2021, along the Gumasaa and Nyandehun highway in the Yawbeko Chiefdom, Bonthe District, which prompted the youths of Talia and Nyandehun villages to storm Blama village in retaliation, the youths of Talia and Nyandehun villages burned down houses, looted, and damaged property worth millions of Leones from the above village on suspicion that the perpetrators of the crime had fled.

People fled Blama, Nyandehun, and Talia villages for fear of being arrested by the police in regard to the claimed destructions as a result of these two significant barbaric acts in the aforementioned Chiefdom.

In order to catch the criminals, a sting operation was planned under the supervision and guidance of Regional Police Commander South AIG Aiah Edward Samadia.

The operations team led by Regional Operations Officer South, Supt. Edward Abu Samura, assisted by ASP Mohamed H Bangura O/C OSD Bo East and ASP Durosemi Peeler O/C OSD Bo West Divisions, left Bo City for Bonthe District on Friday 3rd December 2021 between the hours of 12 pm to 3am to carry out the planned operations.

Though complicated due to the explosive nature of the terrain, it was skill-fully accomplished, and a total of 52 able-bodied youths and a female were detained at the same time in the villages of Gumasaa, Nyandehun, and Talia.

The fifth suspect was brought to Bo for further questioning in connection with the Blama village destructions.

Following the day the alleged gang rape incident was reported at Mattru Jong Police station, two suspects, namely Tawa Karetu Conteh and Lansana Kailie, were arrested.


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