Nice Guy Romances With Kaningo Constituents


Mr Nice Guy interfaced with constituents in constituency 132 at Lumley Freetown. In a well-attended meeting involving all categories of individuals.

The people of KANINGO community were in thunderous mood with the approved 2023 Member of Parliament representing the All People’s Congress party in the next elections.

Constituency 132 Lumley has been protected and secured by the people for Mamoud Nice Guy. The APC strongman remains committed in building a lasting structure for the APC and determine to restore the missing seat.

This exercise will be a continuous follow-up engagement and physical development is on-going which is fully funded by Nice Guy D Right Guy and his popularity from within has grown exponentially

Mayor Aki-Sawyerr Speaks At Water Is Life Charity Ball

It was a pleasure to deliver the keynote address to over 350 guests at the Rotary Club of Fishers, Indiana “Water Is Life” Charity Ball yesterday evening. Below is what Mayor of Freetown Municipality, Yvonne Aki Sawyerr told her audience:

I am humbled by the words on the plaque that was given to me ”Presented to Her Worship Mayor Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr, You Inspire Us! In honor of your “Service Above Self” to your city, country and around the world and your support of The WaterIsLife Project lead by the Rotary Clubs of Fishers, Indiana and Freetown, Sierra Leone. Your leadership and example is changing lives”.

It has been a joy to share this experience with Freetown Rotarians Christo Forster, Adonis Abboud, Saidu Kanu, Adelaide Dworzak and Sallieu Kanu.

At last night’s Charity Ball, a lovely couple bid $3,200 for a puppy on the proviso that I would visit them at their house and meet their children! So I had a whistle stop visit with the Guntwein family this morning on my way to the airport. I was excited to learn that they named the puppy Sierra!

This morning we also attended a heart-warming inspirational service at the Heartland Church. Heartland Church has been a huge supporter of the Water Is Life Project for the past 12 years and being in their service this morning felt like we were at home. 

The over $100,000 raised yesterday evening will contribute towards the building of 1,000 water wells in Sierra Leone, contributing to our #TransformFreetown Water Sector target.

Amb. Ishata Thomas Engages Qatar Officials on Recruitment of S/Leoneans

Her Excellency Haja Ishata Thomas, Sierra Leone’s Non-Resident Ambassador to the State of Qatar, has engaged the Director of International Labour Relations on the recruitment of skilled and unskilled Sierra Leoneans to work in the State of Qatar.

Referring to her previous visit to Doha during the presentation of her Credentials, Ambassador Haja Ishata Thomas recalled her extensive discussion with the Minister of Labour on the recruitment of Sierra Leoneans. She added that Sierra Leone is keen to strengthen bilateral relations with Qatar, especially in the labour sector, and that the Minister of Labour and Social Security has been looking forward to signing the Labour Agreement on the Regulation of Manpower Employment with his Qatari counterpart.

“I thank the State of Qatar for providing support to our nationals, particularly the one who was involved in an accident. Sierra Leone has a young and vibrant population willing and ready to provide meaningful support towards development in any country. As a reliable partner, Sierra Leone believes Qatar requires skilled and unskilled workers to actualise its on-going development vision. We, therefore, request for the specific areas that are needed for recruitment to initiate action and kindly appeal to address the issue of residency for some of our nationals currently working in Doha,” Ambassador noted.

For her part, the Director of the Department of International Labour, Shaikha Mohammed Al-Khater, stated Qatar desires to enhance relations with African countries in manpower recruitment, emphasising that the current labour policy on recruitment prioritises skilled workers.

She added: “We will review the agreement and communicate through the established diplomatic channels a scheduled date for the signing of the agreement and will also look into the issue relating to residency problems for some Sierra Leoneans working in various sectors in Qatar.”

Kissy Industry Updates Journalists on Operations & Achievements  

The Public Relations Officer (PRO) for the Kissy Industry Trading Company Limited, David Emile has updated Journalists on the operations and achievements of the newly established entity at the Queen Elizabeth Street within the Kissy environs, eastern part of Freetown and the newly developed Diamond Premium Butter which he said would soon be launched for public consumption. 

Speaking to participants at a well-attended press conference held at the National Stadium Hostel in Freetown on Saturday, 4th December, 2021, the communication expert, Emile maintained that the company have not only been producing one of the highest selling vegetable cooking oils in the markets, “Leo Oil” over the two years period, but also involved in the production of detergents, comprised sachet of foam and packet laundry soap.

The PRO said that one of the good sides of Kissy Industry is that, “We buy all our raw material, including palm Kernels and other products from local producers”, he told audience and emphasized on their distributors who are visible across the four cardinal points of Sierra Leone to ensure the commodities produced reaches final consumers.

He disclosed that the Kissy Industries manufacturing products are not only sold within the confines of Sierra Leone, but are also exported to neighbouring Guinea and Liberia and spoke about the most sellable Protect Medicated Soap which he described as useful to cure skin irritation is also manufactured in the Kissy Industry.

Emile assured colleagues that after premiering or launching, the Diamond Premium Butter would not only be displayed in all leading shops and supermarkets across the country, but the price will also be made reasonable to encourage all their valuable customers.

Emile informed listeners about their cordial relationship with residents and stakeholders within their area of operation and disclosed that “We have our central store at Clay Factory, Cline Town in Freetown” and spoke about the street lights and Milla Group water bouncer which they have provided for the Kissy community as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The company’s mouthpiece intimated journalists that they had employed over two hundred and fifty (250) people since their inception and dilated that majority of the employees were drawn within the Kissy community through the robust advocacy of the area Chairman.

“Since we respect women empowerment as a company, we have employed 100% women in the margarine sector to complement Government efforts in the aspect of reducing the rate of unemployment in the country” he stated and emphasized that the Diamond Premium Butter which will soon be launched is proudly and locally manufactured in Sierra Leone.

“We are working in a clean and conducive environment and maintained good working relationship with staff and community stakeholders”, he stated and expressed that they were respected within their area of operation for the fact that the emergence of the industry have helped to transform the environs in diverse ways.

Emile further deliberated on the annual subventions the company is paying to the Government of Sierra Leone and the Kissy community stakeholders for their operations and concluded that even though they are crippling as a new management, but they would do more in the area of working closely with local people being that all the raw materials.



 It’s War!! Not Time for Clinking Champagne Glasses!

For nearly all of Africa’s presidents, cabinet  ministers, governing elite… international conferences in the cities of the richest  countries of the world are time for… Arriving in private jets. Showing off their expensive suits and gorgeous  dresses. Luxuriating in luxury hotels where they take a whole floor for their security, and suites for kings costing  $20,000 a night. Clinking champagne glasses, and taking photos standing by presidents of Germany, United States, United Kingdom… grinning like Cheshire cats. Excitedly for their  usually large entourages, attending international conferences would be time to go shopping… Buying… Buying… Buying the tantalizing luxuries that bedeck the dazzling shops of the West.  I reliably learned that for successive governments in Sierra Leone, over 80% of  presidents’  entourage won’t even sit for two hours in a conference hall for a meeting they ostensibly would have travelled out of their country for. That’s why conference after conference after  conference by successive governments in Sierra Leone, government delegations would return to Freetown and tell their populations almost nothing about life-and-death decisions that would be largely imposed on Africa by the West. Don’t be surprised that COP-26 conference in Glasgow, United Kingdom, took place between October 30 and November 14, 2021 and we have heard very little  from the 16-person high-powered delegation of ministers and directors (and dozens of  low power support staff) that attended the conference.  It’s back to business-as-usual until the next global conference and a speech by our President, Retired Brigadier Maada Bio would be published.  What was COP-26 about?

COP-26 was  largely the white man in Europe and the United States making lofty pronouncements, stubbornly continuing  his life of gluttony and war on poor countries, especially in Africa. COP-26 is the continuum of the Atlantic Slave Trade – this time,  largely trade in Africa’s commodities being sold cheaply to the West, and China, while Africa continues to import  expensive manufactured products from the West. And Africa increasing its burden of debt to the West, and China. COP-26 is  – as Extinction Rebellion’s Jerome Hallam so aptly puts it – ” the Annihilation project… mass murder of billions of humanity”. Especially the African.  It would not be mass murder by planes dropping bombs or bullets in the heads of millions of people,  or ‘nice atomic bombs’ that would wipe out entire cities. It would be mass murder by droughts and floods; dehydration and wildfires; lower agricultural yields and starvation.  Slow and nasty deaths. Who wants to continue murdering Africans?

The largely insular and insensitive white man in Europe and America who committed genocide on the indigenous peoples in the Americas, and enslaved over ten million Africans for over three hundred years Now, they have been joined by the Chinese and Indians. Their mass murder weapon this time is  the carbon dioxide they spew into the atmosphere  causing global warming and man-made Climate Change – the top ten carbon emitters responsible for 50% of carbon dioxide emissions are the West and China and India. Am I  being hyperbolic?  Why haven’t our President, Retired  Brigadier  Maada  Bio, and other presidents in Africa, told their citizens that the man-made Climate Change they went to deliberate on at COP-26 a month ago is “mass murder” for Africans?

Betsy Weatherhead, Senior Scientist, University of Colorado Boulder in the United States, on November 1, 2021,  published in “The Conservation” that:

“Scientific instruments in space today can monitor hurricane strength, sea level rise, ice sheet loss and much more….The primary focus of the negotiations (at COP-26) is on carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that is released when fossil fuels – coal, oil and natural gas – are burned, as well as by forest fires, land use changes and natural sources…

The Industrial Revolution of the late 1800s started an enormous increase in the burning of fossil fuels. It powered homes, industries and opened up the planet to massive industrial production”. 

Global  warming and man-made Climate Change is not a short term problem  we can just bury our heads in the sand to and ignore: as Betsy Weatherhead wrote: “Once in the atmosphere, carbon dioxide tends to stay there for a very long time… It will remain there for hundreds of years…”.

Earth’s climate system is interconnected and complex, and even small temperature changes can have large impacts. Changes are already happening. Studies show that rising temperatures are already affecting precipitation, glaciers, weather patterns, tropical cyclone activity and severe storms – floods in the United  States  and Germany; droughts in Mozambique; wildfires in California in the United States and Australia. And rapid loss of species diversity in tropical rainforests countries  like Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Nigeria. A number of studies show that the increases in frequency, severity and duration of heat waves, for example, affect ecosystems, human lives,  and economies. This has dramatically been  worsening poverty in already poverty-stricken countries like Sierra Leone.

There is some hope.  Scientific research is improving man’s understanding of climate and the complex Earth system, identifying the most vulnerable areas and guiding efforts to reduce the drivers of climate change. Work on renewable energy and alternative energy sources, as well as ways to capture carbon from industries or from the air, are producing more options for a better prepared society. (Some, like Mia Mottley, Barbados Prime Minister at COP-26, called these options of “geoengineering” as “reckless” and “dangerous”)

At the same time, people are learning about how they can reduce their own impact, with the growing understanding that a globally coordinated effort is required to have a significant impact. Electric vehicles, as well as solar and wind power, are growing at previously unthinkable rates. More people are showing a willingness to adopt new strategies to use energy more efficiently, consume more sustainably and choose renewable energy. Climate Change is a global problem. So, what should Africa’s  Victim-Countries’ of Climate Change do?

As I said during an AYV television interview recently: Sierra Leone and Africa must stop their civil wars disguised as competitive democratic politics – especially in a country like Sierra Leone where the two main political parties, SLPP and APC, are perpetually enmeshed in a Zero Sum Game. All Africans must unite to fight the formidable common enemy that is Climate Change. Mobilize hundreds of millions of people to go into massive tree planting exercises. And use biodegradable materials to make manure. Grow fruits and vegetables in every home and every village and city. And teach science.

Not just science within classrooms in educational institutions. But, to stimulate a science-society at all levels, waging war against irrational thinking and superstition.  This will help leaders to better appreciate the magnitude and immediacy of the Climate Change challenge, and to get massive support from ordinary people. 

If the existing African leadership in politics and religion, in civil society and education cannot measure up to the challenge, they must be speedily changed.  Boris Johnson, Britain’s Prime Minister, at COP-26 spoke of a “Doomsday Clock” that is ticking… ticking… “a minute to midnight”… and  detonation. The seconds of this Doomsday Clock tick towards Armageddon.  Africa’s leadership  must drop their champagne classes. Stop elegant suits shamelessly imitating the elites of the West. Africa’s political leaders must put on military-type khaki – and go into


war mode. Before the physical wars that credible experts predict would be catalyzed by Climate Change  are triggered.  No matter how robust the Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation measures within poor countries in Africa are, if Africans don’t find a way to influence the lifestyles of people in the richest countries of the world to go green, to reduce carbon  dioxide emissions, global temperatures could rise to 2.7 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, or, even 4 degrees – calamity will still befall Africa. That’s where people like Oswald Hanciles come in – with bold ideas like the “Resurrection” of Michael Jackson. Are you listening, Mr. President of Sierra Leone; and inferiority- complex-yoked Africans that are  always waiting for dictates from Europe or America; waiting for orders and ideas from the United Nations, European Union; IMF, World Bank?  The West are the main culprits of Climate Change. The West has shown itself largely incapable of solving this existential threat problem fast enough. “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery”, O Africans, as Bob Marley, sang in Redemption Song. Listen to Green Prophets like Oswald Hanciles. ‘How long will you stand by and watch. Whilst they kill your prophets?”, Bob Marley pleads. This time, if they kill your Green Prophets, hundreds of millions of Africans, and billions of humanity, will be murdered.

When you read this piece, do more research on the issues, reach out to me, mobilize people around Climate Change. And catalyze action. 

I pause,

Oswald Hanciles, The Guru

Founder and CEO of the SLAVE SHIP-FREEDOM SHIP Movement


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December 5, 2021

21:34 hours in Freetown, Sierra Leone


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