By Viktor Tutu Rogers (VTR)

As Tuesday 24th October, 2023 marks five months since the fall of the Sierra Leone historic Cotton Tree on the 24th May, 2023, just the eve of the National Peace Pledge engagement at the Bintumani Hotel Conference Hall on the 25th May, 2023; and the date of the fall of the Cotton Tree was exact a month to the past June 24th, 2023 General Multi-tier Elections, Sierra Leone was still struggling with the Peace signed to by all the Political Parties. Since after the pronouncement of the winner of the Elections by the Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone (ECSL), it has finally come to an end in reality through a three days Dialogue programme facilitated by both the National and international Communities at the same venue of the Bintumani Hotel Conference Hall in Aberdeen, Freetown.

The same National Peace Commission SL that organized the signing of the Peace Pledge in collaboration with the Secretary General of the Commonwealth, European union and other partner bodies May 25th, 2023 are similarly the same that did enhanced and ensured that the Pledge for National Peace before, during and now after (post) Elections by all Political Parties do work accordingly.

In my last article on the Fall of the Cotton Tree on the eve (24th May) relating it to the Signing of the (25th May) National Peace Pledge at the same venue clearly stated how Dr. Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara unconsciously, blindly but humbly and joyfully presented a symbolic gift to His Excellency President Rtd. Brig. Dr. Julius Peter Wonnie Maada Bio right on the stage in the Bintumani Hotel Conference Hall witnessed unknowingly by the Secretary General of the Commonwealth and all that were present. There President Bio too in taking photos on stage after all signing to the National Peace Pledge, shared with the Commonwealth Secretary General the small branch of the fallen Cotton Tree presented to him on stage by Dr. Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara received from one of his APC Party followers as suspected; the branch was left with the Commonwealth Secretary General as a symbiotic Peace Branch, automatically meaning the appearance of this branch in such symbolic event was interpreted by few visionaries the historic Tree was down that sad night harming no one and with less damages for the interest of PEACE, miraculously done by God Almighty and His protection has been around its process since then to the three (3) days Dialogue.

The public may still want to know how it happened and this was the way it took place. After the falling of the tree that eve, many that went to the scene to witness just after the Cotton Tree fell, many took away the branches bearing its leaves, stems, vultures etc to their houses. In the Hall just after signing the National Peace Pledge by all the Political Parties’ Heads on the stage and were about to get at the centre of the stage for a group photo, someone ran to Dr. Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara and gave him a small branch of the Cotton Tree. At that particular point in time Dr. Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara Flagbearer of the APC Party (then) unconsciously took straight to Rtd. Brig. Dr. Julius Peter Wonnie Maada Bio of SLPP Party and handed over to him the branch of the Cotton Tree; as someone might say that the individual who gave Dr. Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara that branch must have been an APC Party Member, Supporter or Fan. From source I was later informed that the individual was not happy with Dr. Samura Kamara for the purpose he was given the branch of the historic fallen Tree. It finally ended in the hands of the Commonwealth Secretary General given to her by President Bio. So for the International Community to spearhead our Peace Dialogue process was a dream come true invited to the…


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