Hotels President Implores Gov’t for Tax Exemption

John Shallop, National President Association of Hotels

By: Amara Kargbo

Sierra Leone Association of Hotels has called on government to give them tax exemption to enhancing them to fulfill their staff desire especially salaries in this post-recovery period.

In an exclusive interview, John Shallop, National President of the above association said these touristic places such as hotels, restaurants anther carried the largest employment in the country, which magnificently boosts the human capital development.

He underscored that the tourism sector presently, has turned to be retrogressing these days, after COVID-19 had extremely engendered rowdy setbacks that had led most touristic activities to shut-down with exception of few that are operating with minimal expectations in order to cover their staff expenses.

He further heaped that proprietors and proprietress have been quibbling that “businesses are not okay with them, besides they are paying taxes particularly with the new property rate tax which has added another burden to the existing ones including National Revenue Authority (NRA) and National Social Security Insurance Trust (NASSIT) because they want their staff benefits to be continue running.

The sector had been gaining multiple booming momentums before the inception of corona virus, like hotels, bars, restaurants and casinos were constantly engaged.

Sierra Leone, through the vibrant minister of tourism after she had made tours in many countries in rebranding the country image in the lime-line of touristic activities had been creating dividend benefits for hotels and others.

The association is fully in compliance with significant health guidelines that were set up by government through Ministry of Health and Sanitation to ensure that the pandemic comes to past. The country economy hope to thriving as it was before.


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