By Kabs Kanu

To show you how comically and disastrously President Bio has lost the country, yesterday a young man in Belgium showed that the people listen to him more than the President —he asked people to stay home and they did. Adebayor get power pass the president.

Adebayor tells people to demonstrate against the government and they listen. He tells people to sit home on Independence Anniversary day and they listen.

Yesterday, on Sierra Leone’s 62nd Independence Anniversary, Adebayor told Sierra Leoneans to stay home to show the world that they are not happy with President Bio’s misrule, dictatorship, violence, killings and destruction of the economy —and the people listened . Swathes of the country looked like ghost towns yesterday as powerfully shown by videos and pictures.

Maada Bio spent millions bribing his shameless bloggers and propagandists to lie and show old pictures but citizen social media influencers took videos round the country to show Sierra Leoneans that people indeed did listen to Adebayor and they stayed home.

Two days before the day,Maada Bio sent his tribesmen in the police and the army with microphones to go all over the country begging and threatening people to go out on Independence Anniversary day and enjoy the day but people did not listen to them. They listened to Adebayor.They stayed home.

Adebayor does not have guns. Adebayor does not have bombs. Adebayor does not have rocket launchers. Adebayor does not have an army or a tribal militia. Maada Bio has all these but Adebayor has more power in Sierra Leone than Maada Bio.

I do not support Adebayor’s Mammy cussing. How I wish he could leave that part out of his mantra and just propagate the truth about Maada Bio and his tribal fascist and dictatorial oligarchy and killing machines that he articulates so truthfully and so well that everybody listens to him. As a Christian and a minister of the gospel , I totally denounce and disapprove of Adebayor’s Mammy cussing. If only he can stop the profanities and cussing.

However , truth is truth. You cannot deny truth that is lying so visibly on the surface that only a blind man can miss it. Adebayor thrives on truth. What he says about the President and his SLPP terrorist organization are true and truth resonates with the people. That is the secret of Adebayor’s power over President Maada Bio and the SLPP. What he says about them is true and this truth touches the hearts of the people of Sierra Leone who are suffering extremely under Maada Bio and the SLPP to the point that they now need over one million leones a month to provide just one meal for their families, with a bag of rice now Le . 700, 000 ( In a country where the highest salary is Le 200,000.)

Adebayor thrives on truth that Maada Bio does not want the people to know. Adebayor propagates truth about the evil proclivities and wickedness of President Bio and the SLPP that Bio sends out Police and the army to kill innocent people to stop them from saying. What the people of Sierra Leone have been frightened by Bio from saying even under their beds in Sierra Leone , Adebayor broadcasts it everyday on social media. It is through Adebayor that the people of Sierra Leone know about the wicked plans, corruption , wastefulness, economic petulance, evil governance style of President Bio and the SLPP and the hardship in the country, which will turn a lot of people into street beggars , if Maada Bio is allowed to steal an undeserved second term.

However much you condemn Adebayor for his Mammy cussing , and I am one of those who condemn him for it, one thing you must admit, if you are honest, is that Adebayor fills in the critical void that has been vacated by most of the traditional and print media in Sierra Leone. When you have a country where the media has become tribalized or castrated or influenced by the corrosive power of money and opportunism, and the truth is no longer exposed by them, you have to expect people to gravitate towards the likes of Adebayor who tell them what the media is either afraid to say or has been bought to omit.Adebayor’s success with the people is a stinging rebuke to the traditional and pring media.

The shameful and shocking dearth of moral principles and integrity in Sierra Leone which has turned all our institutions including the Parliament, judiciary, , civil society, Police, Army, elections commission, women’s organizations, anti- corruption commission, the journalists’ association and even the intelligentsia into bootlickers, carpet baggers and opportunists led to the rise and popularity of people like Adebayor, who have occupied the space left by these institutions.

These corruption – tainted institutions shamefully can no longer stand up for the people. Scandalously, they can no longer speak out for the people. Blinded by tribalism, opportunism and the love of money, these institutions are no longer the ears , noses and voices of the people and Sierra Leoneans have lost respect for them .When a country slumps to such a disgraceful and damaging level and is bedeviled by such a never -ending curse, it would turn for help and salvation to social media activists like Adebayor, however much they repel their foul mouthed audios.

Sierra Leoneans were dying for a man of the people, a leader to energize and propel them to stand up for their rights and they have found one in the likes of Adebayor. That was why they listened to him and stayed home yesterday .

Shame on Maada Bio and the SLPP .

Shame on our country.


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