By Alhaji Turay

Sierra Leone being an independent and democratic country should always allow it citizens to express their views and decisions as an individual hence are does not encroach on the right of another sierra Leoneans or country.

The boating and criticism of one of Sierra Leone’s finest, respected, outstanding, outspoken and liberal journalist Dr. David Tam Bayoh who accepted the call of his kono people to join the all people’s congress (APC) party and to serve as a publicity secretary of kono district, This acceptance of offer from his people to APC has cause some heated debate and criticism and blast from different quarks with different anger expressions as to the way Dr. David Tam Bayoh was treated by the All peoples congress party (APC) led by the former president Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma.

I want to applause to sierra Leoneans that when we always respect and honor our district, village elders which it comes into decision making in our homes and nations because they being elders have emerge saying in decision making as custodians of our land, so when honor an individual in absential, the respect from them should be accepted and honored for you as an individual has not seeing were you are going in society. So never turn down an offer of respect from your people within their blessing up lifted your status anywhere will be blessed and uplifted for you are carrying the blessings of your ancestors.

Dr. David Tam Bayoh having serve this nation in the media world for twenty one years (21yr) as a humble and professional journalist with no problem in criminal record, Dr. David Tam Bayoh has played vital role in the political games of Sierra Leone, since the time of the late president Ahmad Tejan Kabba of blessed memory by given and advising the government in good governance programmed for this people in the country.

During all of this programed, no sierra Leoneans will ever tell me that the veteran journalist has never touched on issues of one’s intrest in his program and the advices he gives out to government in relation to democratic values of a country and how to handle some of those issues, so that the citizenry will be free from conflict or confession as to complex issues.

As a sierra Leoneans, I will pause to ask weather within this our country called Sierra Leone and within our fight to gain democracy in this country, did Dr. David Tam Bayoh immensely not participated in this own contribute to see democracy uphold in sierra Leone by his popular monologue programs nationwide?

Recalling on offer he had turned down from President Ernest Bai Koroma and his government, Dr. David Tam Bayoh so content in this profession, told his people that when the time is ripe, God’s will be done and on those words, Tam Bayoh’s belief is so strong that no human perception will change it. All Sierra Leoneans have right towards their decision.

In Sierra Leone today when you stand for the truth and advocates for the voiceless in society, does that means you shouldn’t associates yourself to a political party? Big no

Every Sierra Leoneans has its right to join any political party of its wish.

Having spent his life time into the media world and he has opted to trend into answer field called politics, does that mean he is the trust man from the field of journalism to enter politics? No! If one can stream line likes of veteran, I B Kargbo (APC), H- Bernathe Lahai (SLPP) and other host of them serving as politicians in this country, does that mean Dr. David Tam Bayoh is not also fit to play the same game in politics? He will surely deliver if given the chance to rule us Sierra Leoneans, words of his past will be put into a exists.

The social media has played a great role in the recognition of Dr. David Tam Bayoh as a guru to recognized with, when it comes into Sierra Leone politics. The various groups and individuals has said what they can say about Dr. David Tam Bayoh and the way where he does not belong, but alas it is an open forum were people express their views some politely and other rudely but just dive into those things trash and kick your focus on determination towards the future of mama Sierra Leone.

Fellow Sierra Leoneans let us learn to welcome honest people in society and politics for the good of your country, Sierra Leone.

I can say is made up of brains who can deliver in terms of national development, the fact of the issues are we have to try decent people in society, Sierra Leone is for Sierra Leoneans, even does who are bashing and saying odds things against Dr. David Tam Bayoh’s decision well knows that the man is perfectly fit to rule this country. Thinking of the years Sierra Leoneans have being listening to Dr. David Tam Bayoh programs called monologue for Eleven years and the nation always debate on his issues and admires which he most times gives to the people of their country and the government, so why are we bashing at Him? Let learn to appreciate ones effort in nation building.

This country needs young brains to enter into politics of their wish and it only when you try someone that you knows his value or worth in life and society. We all should know that Sierra Leone is in a transformation trend, so we want vibrant brains to move the political ploy in our country, Sierra Leoneans should notice that from the time when Dr. David Tam Bayoh pronounce acceptance from his kono people to be publicity secretary for his own home town and District, people bash at him for little position they term it, but no one will ever see where this journalist Dr. David Tam Bayoh is seeing and the end of all the bashing and criticism people will start congratulating him and try to reconcile with him, so all Sierra Leoneans lets watch and see what the lord will do for Sierra Leoneans.  

Sex offender Sent to High Court

By Feima Sesay

Magistrate Sahr Kekura at the Pademba Road Court No. 1on Wednesday 15th September 2021 committed the matter between the State versus Mohamed Pateh alias “Mollay” who allegedly sexually penetrated a 12 years old girl.

Police alleged that the accused Mohamed Pateh, on Sunday 21st April 2019, at No. 1 Ascension Town Road in Freetown sexually penetrated a child under the age of 18 years, to wit, 12 years. 

Pateh is faced with one count charge of sexual penetration of a child contrary to Section contrary to Section 19 of the Sexual Offences Act No. 12 of 2012.

During the course of the PI, Prosecuting Counsel led two witnesses in court. One is a formal witness, and the victim.

Sergeant Taylor was prosecuting the matter, but the accused, Pateh was not represented by a lawyer in court.

Magistrate Sahr Kekura disclosed that Pateh, before he was being charged to court, revealed at the police station that the 12 years old girl was his girlfriend, adding that on the night of the alleged incident, the girl slept in his room, but he did not have any sexual intercourse with her.

However, Magistrate Kekura noted the sworn statement made by the victim and the testimony of the formal witness. He added that the evidence before the Court was sufficient, noting that the prosecution has a prima facie case. He therefore, pursuant to Section 116 of the Criminal Procedure Act No. 32 of 1965 committed the matter to the High Court for the accused to stand trial.

Police Testifies In Alleged Hastings Murder

By Feima Sesay

Fourth prosecution witness in the on-going preliminary investigation into the alleged murder at Hastings, Sergeant M. J. Bangura on Wednesday 15th September 2021 testified against Foday Alimamy Yillah who has alleged to have shot Alpha Kargbo a resident of Hastings.

According to the police, the accused, Foday Alimamy Yillah, on Thursday 15th April 2021, at Hastings Village in Freetown, unlawfully murdered Alpha Kargbo alias “wan dada”.

Yillah is faced with one count charge of murder contrary to law.

In his testimony to the Court, Sergeant Mohamed Kargbo attached at the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Headquarters recalled that on Saturday 17th April 2021, he and Sergeant Kargbo questioned the accused in respect of the matter, adding that he served as recorder while Sergeant M. J. Bangura served as witness.

He continued that on Sunday 16th April 2021, a team of police investigators, including him, headed by Superintendent M.K. Allieu visited the crime scene at Hastings Community.

He disclosed that at the crime scene, empty bullet shells were discovered by the team of investigators. He added that the team handed the bullet shells and one AK47 magazine to the Ballistic Expert for examination.

He also recalled that on Friday 30th April 2021, at the Connaught Hospital in Freetown, an autopsy examination was done by the country’s Pathologist, Dr. Simeon Owizz Koroma. He said at the end of the postmortem examination, a medical cause of death certificate was handed over to the team of investigators, while the deceased was handed to the family for burial.

He revealed that on the 31st May 2021, him and Detective ASP Osman Bobor Kamara interviewed the accused and charged him with the offence of murder. The said charge statement was tendered in court for it to form part of the evidence.

Testing the evidence in cross-examination, defense counsel, lawyer C. Campbell, argued that the witness did not state the name of the decease when he mentioned that he charged the accused with the offence of murder, but the witness said he did.

Lawyer Campbell put it to the witness that he didn’t and it was deliberate attempt to deceive the Court.

Magistrate Sahr Kekura ruled that the witness did not state the accused’s name.

Furthermore, the witness confirmed that he encountered an individual bearing the name Saidu Kargbo whom lawyer Campbell disclosed that he made statement as a witness. He also confirmed that the deceased went to the scene of crime with many youths, adding that these youths forcefully entered the vehicle of the police.

Lawyer Campbell told the Court that the deceased had a physical struggle with the accused while trying to retrieve his mobile phone from the accused, but the witness said he did not take that statement but he saw it on the court file.

Lawyer Campbell disclosed that according to exhibit C, the weapon allegedly used in an accident, but the Prosecuting team objected on the grounds that the witness is not the Ballistic Expert.

At this stage, there was argument and counter argument with regards some aspect of the evidence which the Prosecuting counsel thinks should be tendered by the Ballistic Expert.

Magistrate Sahr Kekura therefore adjourned the matter to the 21st September 2021, while the accused was sent into remand.

VP Launches National Early Warning and Response Mechanism Coordinating Center 

The Vice President Dr Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh has launched the National Early Warning and Response Mechanism Coordinating Center, an initiative intended to be a community instrument for solidarity, essential for the prevention, management and resolution of conflicts besetting West Africa.

He assured the Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS, of the country’s ability to handle the center, especially for its intended purposes, adding that the infrastructure already was equipped enough to be able to help it work efficiently.

The 15-member regional group, in January 2020, announced the move for the establishment of a national centre for the coordination of early warning and response center in Sierra Leone as a proactive measure to address regional challenges in responding to such problems as climate change, security and health issues.

Addressing the meeting, the President of the Commission of ECOWAS, Jean-Claude Kassi Brou, said they had decided to establish the center in all member states and that he was pleased to be in the country for the same launch.

He went on to reiterate that the center was to manage crisis, manage information prior to crisis and to prevent crisis from happening. He noted that the establishment of the center would help the country to have stability in terms of peace and security.

He also disclosed that the ECOWAS Commission had taken up the responsibility to fund the center for the first year of its establishment.

Minister of Planning and Economic Development, Dr Francis Kai Kai, and in charge of the center, said he was pleased that Sierra Leone had joined other member states in the coordination and management of health and security crises.

“I want to commend the astute leadership of President Julius Maada Bio for giving his full support in ensuring the center is established,” he noted, adding that he was also appreciative of all key stakeholders and donor partners for their tremendous support to the process.

Head of European Union delegation in Sierra Leone, Ambassador European, Manuel Mueller, said the establishment of the center was laudable and would contribute to promoting the development of the country.

The Ghanaian Ambassador Pays Courtesy Call on Ambassador Yongawo

Her Excellency, Dr Oheneba Lesley A.A. Opoku-Ware, the Ghanaian Ambassador to the Russian Federation paid a courtesy call on her Sierra Leonean counterpart, His Excellency Ambassador Mohamed Yongawo, and officials of Sierra Leone’s Embassy in Moscow, Russia Federation.

As this was their first meeting since her reappointment as Ghana’s Ambassador to Russia, Ambassador Yongawo used the opportunity to congratulate his colleague on her reposting to Moscow and wished her well on her tour of duty.

Among many others, the two Heads of Mission discussed ways to promote the common African drive for peace and development, trade, culture and strategies to strengthen relations with their host country, seeking credible investors and business partners for their respective countries in the Russian Federation.

Ambassador Yongawo presented the key pointers of President Julius Maada Bio’s New Direction Agenda which, he emphasized, are fundamentally informed by Human Capital Development Education, with preference to education, general capacity building and economic diversification.

Her Excellency, Dr Oheneba Lesley A.A. Opoku-Ware, was very impressed with the current developments in Sierra Leone. Expressing admiration of the newly acquired chancery building in Moscow. She applauded Ambassador Yongawo for the tremendous transformative work achieved by the Mission in three years.

The erudite and passionate Ghanaian Ambassador informed Ambassador Yongawo of the progress His Excellency the President, Nana Akufo-Addo’s government has achieved since coming into office. She commended and expressed satisfaction in the policies her government is pursuing to transform Ghana.

This was a meeting between two passionate diplomats representing two very friendly West African nations with a lot in common – historical and current, who recognised the need to share information relative to their respective diplomatic activities in the Russian Federation.

The two Ambassadors agreed on further collaboration and were convinced of deeper cooperation between the two sisterly countries, which they believe would be in the best interest of citizens of both countries.


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