“No Girl Aged 10 should be Left Out for Vaccination” –  Deputy Director of Education Tonkolili


By Ibrahim Sorie Koroma

Health Education Officer – HEP/MoHS

The Deputy Director of Education in Tonkolili District, Gibrilla A. Sesay, has urged authorities that all girls aged 10 in schools should be vaccinated as Vaccination against cervical cancer is the best opportunity for girls to be protected against the disease, adding that schools are a good platform where lots of the targeted children can be reached and vaccinated.

Mr. Sesay made this statement at the district launch of the HPV Vaccination roll-out at the District Healthy Management Team Compound in Magburaka Monday October 3rd 2022.

Director Sesay furthered that they are fully onboard from the planning process as well as the vaccine roll-out implementation together with the Ministry of Health and Sanitation adding that they have orientated teachers to support the vaccination process in schools.

Giving out the benefit of HPV vaccination, Director Sesya referenced that according to the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, Cervical Cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in Sierra Leone after breast cancer which he noted is a major concern for every nation, adding that the women that are currently suffering from Cervical Cancer did not have the opportunity the 10 year old girl are having today thereby urging parents and stakeholders to make use of this valuable opportunity.

 He reminded parents and stakeholders that the administration of the first dose will go with a vaccination card which they should keep for the second dose which is due in 6 months.

Talking about awareness raising, Director Sesay said that they have also supported the dissemination of messages and awareness raising materials of HPV Vaccination/cervical cancer in schools and participated in community radio discussion programmes.


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