President Bio remains quiet as condemnation grows over his mayoral candidate’s call for jihad


BYy sierraleonetelegraph

As condemnation of the ruling SLPP Freetown Mayoral candidate – Mohamed Gento Kamara grows, following his display of religious hate against Christians during his sermon at a Mosque in Freetown last Sunday, President Bio and his party leadership remain tight-lipped.

Mohamed Gento Kamara is no ordinary member of the ruling SLPP. He is chief patron and he is very rich. His financial contribution to the SLPP party’s election campaign chest is huge, running into millions of dollars, in return for which he has been given the party symbol to contest the forthcoming mayoral election in Freetown.

Defying his critics’ call for a public apology, and defending his tribal and religious hateful comments, this is what Gento said on radio yesterday:

But watch the video below of Gento preaching his religious and tribal hate which he now denies and refusing to apologise:

The country’s Inter-Religious Council and the Trades Union body – the Labour Congress, have both condemned the SLPP mayoral candidate, calling for him to retract and apologise publicly, as President Bio and his party leadership remain quiet. This is what they said:


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