PC Masakama Champions HPV Vaccine Roll-out in Tonkolili


By Ibrahim Sorie Koroma

Health Education Officer – HEP/MoHS

Paramount Chief, Alhaji Masakama Kanamanka III of Kholifa Rowalla, a key champion for the ongoing Human Papilloma Virus vaccine roll-out in Tonkolili District has said that his support and championing of the HPV Vaccination was as result of a commitment made by traditional leaders (PCs) at a regional meeting held by the ministry of Health and Sanitation for Paramount Chiefs last week in Makeni.

While addressing participants at the Distinct HPV Vaccine roll-out launch in Magburka Town, PC Alhaji Masakama said that he has mobilized all his sub chiefs to support to ensure that all 10 year old girls both in and out of schools are vaccinated as it is geared towards protecting our young girls against cervical cancer who would grow to be women and they must be prevented from suffering and eventual death later in life.

PC Alhaji Masakama called on other traditional leaders and stakeholders to support the HPV Vaccine roll-out as cervical cancer can affect their children, sisters and wives and that this is the best opportunity to they have to prevent them against the disease.

PC referenced the experts, saying that the vaccine is safe and effective and that parents/mothers should not be afraid as it’s for the health and future of their children.

PC Alhaji Masakama Kanamanka observed that bulk of the targeted age group, girls aged 10 can be found in schools which makes it easy at that level, but was very much concerned how to reach out of school girls and thereby urged the authorities to make efforts to reach them as it’s their entitlement and right.

He also assured that he and his sub-chiefs will not only support the vaccination teams in schools, but also will ensure to do so while in the communities.  PC Alhaji Masakama Kanamanka boasted that he is one of the certified vaccine champions in the country, a gesture he thanked the Ministry of Health a


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