What Are Our Ambassadors & Press Attaches Doing?


This is a provocative question: is there any Sierra Leone president who have done well for the country more than president Bio?

Let the President continue to travel; we are seeing development in the country under his leadership..

Let’s try to be fair; what did we benefit from EBK (former President Ernest Bai Koroma – 2007 to 2018l in eleven years as president?

Sierra Leoneans we are not grateful, Bio has done a lot for Sierra Leone in terms of development, remember two years of Covid 19.

Oswald Hanciles: Million thanks for your comment on the question “Can Bio Be a Transformational Leader?”, Abu Jabi @+1(404)-664-9744, posted in PROGRESSIVE SIERRA LEONEANS Whatsapp forum

Maybe, you can do a better job in dessimination of information on the positives of the Bio presidency, including the benefits of the President’s interminable foreign travels, than the communications specialists at State House, and the information ministry, being paid to engage the public. (With the sterling exception of the Outreach and Public Relations Department in the Anti-Corruption Commission [ACC], headed by Patrick Sandi, whose profusion in informing the public what the ACC does is equal to 80% of all other MDAs put together!!)

Can you write more on your assertions here? Write out your full name at the end of your piece; indicate your WhatsApp number; your physical location; and add any other information so that your readers can know the source of the information better, and they can get to you for further information. Okay?

Off the top of my head I can say this: 98% of what President Maada Bio would go to do in his foreign travels have not been analysed, and, disseminated to the public – hence the festering perception avowed by most people in Sierra Leone who get into the media – and the silent majority – that the President has just been wasting taxpayers money in those foreign trips.

If the President has to make such regular foreign trips – avowedly to burnish the image of Sierra Leone; or to lure foreign investors to come to Sierra Leone – it raises the question: what have the presidential-appointed ambassadors, and, press attaches, been doing over the past six years ? Enjoying themselves? Wasting our meager foreign currency?

Please, be reminded, that the President is the SERVANT of the people; and the people are his MASTERS and MISTRESSES – the onus is on the President to adequately explain to his MASTERS and MISTRESSES how he has been using their money as he almost monthly hops into and out of private jets, strutting on red carpets.

It may be necessary for the President to attend significant foreign conferences where he would meet other presidents, national, and international, leaders, but I am hard put to understand why, for example, President Maada Bio attended the inauguration of Liberia’s former President George Weah, and throughout his term in office, George Weah never visited Sierra Leone. No president of Kenya, no president of Senegal, have ever visited Sierra Leone – in spite of the President having made several trips to Kenya.

I support my Bonthe Brother, President Maada Bio. I support the SLPP. But, I love Sierra Leone more. Therefore, I goad, and, spur, the President to do more, proportionate to the emergency economic and political fragility of Sierra Leone, as we are still embattled by a belligerent main political opposition. We must also be cognizant of the soaring expectations of children and youth who are the majority population in our country.

When people like us critique some aspects the President, some of those who are being paid to do effective information dissemination and potent communications for the Bio presidency, but whose forte is apparently sycophancy, think we want their jobs. Typically, they would not come out openly to address issues we would raise. My experience at State House in the presidency of former President Ernest Bai Koroma taught me that too many communicators around a presidency are adept at backbiting others they think are more competent, rather than promoting a government, and marketing the state


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