CTC Vows to Feed Sierra Leone


By Arthur Caulker

The Commodities Trading Company (CTC) is one of the biggest companies in Sierra Leone that is in charge of the responsibility of importing huge amounts of rice in the country.

The company has been doing business for many years and its main aim is to alleviate the rate at which the people were suffering to access rice for their daily meal.

In an exclusive interview with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Khalil Halloway, Said the Commodity Trading Company (CTC) has been serving Sierra Leone directly by selling different types of rice like Big Joe Green and Orange Bags from South America, Butter Brand (B&B) from China, Bella Luna, India Pam Boil. 

He continued that the company is not here to create enmity within citizens neither to undermine any laws of Sierra Leone and they are working with Standard bureau to prove their fairness and credibility in the business adding that their mandate is to ensure that they give utmost satisfaction to Sierra Leoneans.    

CEO, said the company has been helping the country even at the time when rice shortage hit the country adding that since the inception of the coronavirus in Sierra Leone the company had always stood firm to see that the supply of rice is fully executed.

The manager also said the company has employed over 1,800 workers countrywide and they have always sold over 120,000 bags of rice and CTC always takes the leads in such ventures.

 “We also have also opened another company the Rainbow paint factory and we have employed thousands of sierra Leoneans just to alleviate the issues of securing a job in Sierra Leone”. He said.

The Manager disclosed that all of their workers are insured and the company is paying huge amounts of money yearly as tax to the Government of Sierra Leone, also providing health insurance as well as offering one bag of rice to permanent workers on a monthly basis. Mr. Khalil said the company has contributed hugely even though the country is under public health emergency adding that they are still performing their corporate social responsibility. 


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