Energy Minister Provides Microcredit Facilities for SLPP Members


By: Austine Luseni

President Julius Maada Bio promised the SLPP grassroots during the periods leading to the 2018 elections that he would appreciate the role played by the grassroots in keeping  his dream and the SLPP dream alive.

When he was elected in 2018, he reassured the people that he would do everything possible to care for them as a sign of showing his appreciation to them.The President called on strong SLPP members that he had appointed ministers not to create a disconnect between them and the grassroots and to always help the thousands of supporters with livelihood supports. Most of the appointees have continued to heed to the call of the President.

In the western rural, Mr. Alhaji Kanja Sesay and Dr. Eldred Taylor who are minister of energy and deputy minister of energy respectively , launched a microcredit scheme for hundreds of  SLPP faithful in the district .The two men launched the scheme last year in which each beneficiary was given the sum of two million leones for a period of six months, with the said sum repayable with an interest rate of three hundred thousand leones .

Mr. Alhaji Kanja Sesay and Dr.Eldred Taylor would however only ask for the two million leones after the lapse of the six month period and then incur the burden of paying the three hundred thousand leones interest rate for each beneficiary. This is done with a view to complementing the vision of President Bio for the grassroots.

On Tuesday July 28, Dr.Taylor was in Waterloo for the launch of the second circle of the microcredits after the first set of beneficiaries who are also entitled to the second phase had paid.The two gentlemen intend to continue with this scheme for the foreseeable future.

The first cycle of the scheme started with only ten communities , but this second cycle has been expanded or broadened to capture many more communities into the fold. Fula Town , Monkey Bush, Lumpa, White Stone, Fire Mambo, Market Square, ABB Land,Central Waterloo, etc are among communities that have benefitted from the microcredit windfall.

Residents of these areas, most of whom are petty traders, were effusive with the praises of President Bio and the two gentlemen, immortalizing them in chants and songs and expressing appreciation to them for such a windfall or largesse. Alhaji Kanja Sesay and Dr Eldred Taylor are not only working miracles in the energy domain, but are also quite committed to helping the SLPP grassroots.


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