Orange SL Updates Media on Archivement & Successes


By Feima Sesay

Orange Sierra Leone, the leading mobile network in the country, has on Monday 11 December 2023, updated journalists on their activities that they have undertaken throughout the year; and they include their successes and challenges.

The event was an interacting session between Orange SL and their media partners in relationship to strengthening a more formidable ties with journalists across the country.

The event is being done every year as the company usually inform media practitioners about their key achievements the company has undertaken; including

 Highlights of their activities, successes and challenges so far in the year under review.

Delivering the key note address , Alpha Bundu , Director of customers said  Orange Sierra Leone  considered the  partnership with media  houses as a unique opportunity in terms of leading digitization with an improved voice and data package ; plus better reached / coverage.

He said he would confidently say that with share opinion that communication is of obvious importance and necessity to ever community.

He said that the company has scored many successes despite its challenges but that they are comitted to making sure that the products and services they offer meet the needs of their customers and citizens in this country.

He noted that “together everyone” can create news, adding that the platform for interaction are easily accessible.

According to him, wether it is traditional media or social media the sharing of information has become faster and relevant.

He further noted thar social media has become an integral part of everyone’s daily lives and that it has also transformed business interaction with customers.

He said, through these various media platforms, one continues to demonstrates the value of the media to creat sober platform to reach every valued customers in every community; including to hear from their customers, reach them where they are not present, share with them what they do not hear, know how their customers feel and by building with them a quick and easy way to connect with them; all in a bid to ultimately help them create a relationship of trust, loyalty and transparency.

He said, in all these, the media have been their strong pillar and an ally of support and a trusted partner overtime.

Mr. Bundu continue that  their perspective of the value that they want to create is one where the media would highlight where they are delivering exceptional experience and also where they deliver poor experience, adding that this is a demonstration of their commitment of trust, transparency and loyalty.

“We believe that the right of our customers become the duty of the company by making sure that every voice of a customer that carries an Orange SIM is valued” Bundu stated.

 In his presentation about corporate highlights, Kamal Abass said Orange Sierra Leone Limited is committed in protecting the environment, adding that the company acknowledges the potential impact that corporation may have on its environment.

He further presented that the purpose of their environmental program is to ensure reduction of their carbon footprints and ensure protection of the environment, noting that, it applies to the management, employees and Orange Sierra Leone Service providers.

He said in terms of Environmental Compliance their EIA license compliance rate stands at 99 percent and is internationally certified by MAIG compliant with international standard and their compliance rate stands at 76 percent as at November 2021.

He said Orange Sierra Leone is also in partnership with Youth Alliance and community stake holders ; especially how it also assisted in the planting of three thousand trees at Mortomeh mudslide site in Freetown during the EMS”s week celebration in May 2023.

And that as such, the Chief Executive Officer of Orange Sierra Leone received prestigious award for being an environmental and carbon champion company 2023. The event he said was organized by Shout Climate Change Africa.

He continued that to reduce CO2 Emissions their RER ratio is at 20 percentage and their target is to achieve 23 percent by end of 2023, and their target is to achieve 30 percent RER ratio by 2025 as a first step towards achieving zero carbon by 2040.

He concluded that Orange Sierra adapted clean energy and migrated +78 percent of their sites to solar energy and they are committed to do +80 percent by the end of 2023.

Isha Sesay in her presentation on Orange Money said Orange money system has what she referred to as the “digital loan “which she said they do in partnership with Empire Solution and that one billion old Leones has been disbursed so far.

She said they also have the International Remittance Incoming and that it deals with money gram, RIA, remit, Western Union etc.

She said in the case of overseas orange money outgoing partner with BnB Will send money to African countries.

She said the Revamped Orange money for all deals with orange money app and other networks, customers can now register and use Orange money App.

She added that Enhanced Orange money App is a several service added to the app.

For her, madam Sesay said they had Launched orange money card where customers can use the card to cash in and cash out and also make payments.

She noted that they also have the Laundry Self Reversal where customers can now initiate and reversal themselves.

Other presentations were done by Madam Pricilla Okuchuku on the archivement on the B2B and Sulaiman Conteh do a presentation on orange Energy.


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