The oddity of a love


Saidu Bangura, Praia, November 5, 2020.

Love in hate
hate in love.
Hope in despair
despair in hope.
Light in darkness
darkness in light.
Oasis in a desert
desert in a rainforest.
Fountain in a drought
drought in a fountain.
Abundance in deprivation
deprivation in abundance.
Patience in impatience
impatience in patience.
Possibility in impossibility
impossibility in possibility

That is what you are –
my hope and despair
my wealth and penury
my light and darkness
my tears and consolation –
my love, my land, my pain!

Like an unfaithful lover
beautiful and charming
but does ugly things to
dissuade the other lover:
I come for more pain –
for the pains in love
the pains in loving you
my much-desired oddity –
my love, my land, my pain!


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