Energy Minister Engages Experts for Bumbuna Phase II


By:Austine Luseni

Chief Executive Officer, CEO, of the Blue International Group, Christian Wright, has held discussions with Sierra Leone’s Minister of Energy, Alhaji Kanja Sesay, together with representatives from the ministries of Finance and Justice on the project and development cost for the Bumbuna Phase II Project.

Christian Wright said that he had led the delegation to the Minister because they wanted to update him on development thus far, noting that the project was now at a critical stage for which the Government of Sierra Leone was now expected to make a decision.

Minister of Energy, Alhaji Kanja Sesay, welcomed the delegation, stressing that even though the project under review was an inherited project,the Government of Sierra Leone was seriously committed to implementing it.

He described the project as a renewable energy project,but raised concerns over the new project and development cost. He commended the Task Force for the project for the good job they had done.

Director of Public Private Partnership, Abu Kamara and a representative from the Ministry of Justice weighed in on the discussion.

The Bumbuna Phase ll Project is part of the Government of Sierra Leone’s long-term energy sector plans to increase the number of households and businesses that has access to electricity through the national grid.

Bumbuna Phase ll, which will be located on the Upper Seli River in Northeast Sierra Leone, is expected to provide 152MW of new generating capacity to Sierra Leone and a minimum of 80MW of firm power throughout the year.


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