By Mustapha Dumbuya

Circular Road Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in the central part of Freetown and has faced serious challenges over the years as encroachment and dumping of waste has been daily activities by people leaving around.

RugiatuMansaray councillor constitution 124 word 428 in that part of Freetown an exclusive interview said that as a councillor her role is to make sure that she work closely with the Freetown City Council in monitoring the activities of the people and provide sanitation for them.

She reaffirm that “I have meet with all of the people that have built houses within the cemetery and when asked some reply to me that they have a list agreement with the Freetown City Council (FCC)”

Cancillormansary  also said that she have quiet aware of people dumping cabbages within the cemetery and that she has been giving series of warning resident leaving within that environ.

She express the fact that she has faced with series of interview with regards of people dumping waste in that part of the cemetery adding that she has also be engaging the mayor of Freetown on that issue.

She also said that she has asked write a formal letter chief administration of the Freetown City Council and copy the Mayor of Freetown and the mayor has assured her that very soon they will erect fence from that part of the cemetery.

The councillor intimated that the only solution is to erect fence and that would only solve the problem and assured that with the help of the mayor she will make sure that they solve all the issues surrounding the cemetery.

She also clarified allegations that some grave diggers were requesting money from the people after they have paid the sum amount of twenty thousand Leones (Le20,000) for grave digging but which she said such allegation  is baseless and it has never happen.

She explained that when you have corpse you will only go to Cauncil and they will asked the individual to pay the sum of Le20,000 and a receipt will be issued to that individual which you will be taking to the Clark at the Cemetery for grave digging.

She called on the government of Sierra Leone that they should support the Mayor of Freetown on her flagship program Transform Freetown and improve sanitation.

She said that quiet recently the Russian government gives over 160 cabbage trucks to the government of Sierra Leone to improve the sanitation of the country and hope to see the distribution of those trucks to enhance their work efficiently.

Alie mammie kamara is the Clark of the cemetery said that the dumping of the waste from the unknown people has been a major concern to him.

Mr.Kamara said that he has been monitoring all the time hoping to see some of this people engaging to this activities but seen anyone of them.

He said both the Freetown mayor and the Councillors have given him hope that some part of the cemetery will be fenced very soon.


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