Freetown Central Mosque Gets New Chief Imam


By Sylvia Wilson

The executive of the Freetown central Mosque and the board of Imams have unanimosly appointed a 66 year old Sheikh Mohamed Ramadan Bah as their new Grand Chief Imam of the Freetown central Mosque, situated at Wallace Johnson Street, in central Freetown .

Prior to his appointment, Shekh Ramadan Bah has served the Mosque for thirty five years and he was the Deputy Chief Imam of the former Chief I’mam Sheikh Ahmad Tejan Sillah of blessed memory, who died over a year ago.

Sheikh Ramadan Bah was a devoted Muslim scholar who served the Shia community in Sierra Leone.

After attending various Islamic courses in Freetown, he was awarded a scholarship to pursue Islamic Studies at the University of Qum in the Islamic Republic of Iran where he studied various Islamic courses such as Islamic Jurisprudence, tawohid , Islamic history and many more since 1987 and returned in 1994.

Sheikh Ramadan Bah was a founding member as well as a senior lecturer of the International Institute of Islamic Studies at Wilkinson Road in the Western part of Freetown.

Sheikh Ramadan Bah was born in Tabamka Chiefdom, Soroya village.

His father was the Late Alhaji Amadu Bah a cattle dealer.


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