Parliament Approves Andrew Jaiah Kaikai & Five Others


By Feima Sesay

The parliament of Sierra Leone has on Tuesday 24th October unanimously debated and approved Andrew Jaiah Kaikai as Director for the National Drugs Law Enforcement Agency and five others

The following Presidential Normines were approved, Mr. Andrew Jaiah Kaikai Director National Drugs Law Enforcement Agency, Mr Henery Mustapha Sheku Deputy Commital National Commission For Children, Mr. Joseph Borbor Tucker, Member Board of Directors National Mineral Agency, Mrs Alice Musu Lansana Member Board Of director NMA, Mr Yankuba Askia Bio Director General Sierra Leone Port Authority and Judith B Kosseh deputy director general SLPA.

Hon Bashiru Silikie, Deputy Leader of Government Business in Parliament, seconding the motion on the ninth report of the Committee on Appointment and Public Service said they (Honourable Members of Parliament) and were not responsible for primary developments, such as construction of roads , bridges, etc.

Hon Bashiru Silikie, thanked the President for appointing persons he said would help him in achieving his agenda, for results are the utmost goals.

He further killed the belief that MPs are responsible for primary developments; that he said they are not and those primary developments are divulged into the function of the local councils with the creation of Local Government Act in 2004, which was repealed.

Notwithstanding that, he said MPs are selling their properties and taking bank overdrafts to address primary developments in their constituencies. He revealed the central government is not giving them a dime for primary developments. He claimed that those who want to unseat them are taking these bad messages to their constituents to make them (Maps) look bad.

Therefore, the Leader said to the appointees who are part of the executive arm of government to do their job properly, diligently and effectively, and most importantly take development to the people.

One of such he mentioned is drug abuse – a position one of the appointees, Andrew Jaiah Kaikai, is appointed to. The Hon. said the issue of drug is closed to the heart of the President, parents and the nation. He advised the appointee to use his military experience to put the menace to rest, for the future of the young and the nation is at stake.

He noted that the environment is toxic; they are afraid to raise their children in such toxic environment with the prevalence of the Kush drug.

Hon. Juliana Aliematu Fatorma in her contributions said the appointees are fine personalities but it does not stop there. She cautioned them that, when the President fires, he does not consult except when appointing them. Therefore, she said the offices to which they have been appointed to, are mostly paramount for the growth of the nation.
Hon Wuyatta Songa, opined that the appointment of Kaikai would put the Kush menace to rest. She discribed him as a discipline man and thorough with work, making reference to his work when he was Chief Immigration Officer.

Hon. Veronica Kadie Sesay, believed that the Kush fight is the responsibility of everyone. She said users of Kush should not go unpunished because they have responsibility to it, too. Generally, she advised the appointees to work in the interest of Sierra Leone.

PC… raised concern on Kush. He called Kaikai to really put that to rest without fear or favour.
Hon. Francis Amara Kaisamba, cried that the National Revenue Authority(NRA) is getting the required revenue for government, hence call the appointee to the Sierra Leone Port Authority, to collaborate with the NRA to get revenues so government will deliver.

Hon Alfred Thompson, Acting Opposition Leader, called on Kaikai to focus on importers, and the other appointee to Children’s Commission about issue of kids in the streets.

Hon. Mathew Sahr Nyuma, Leader of Government Business, rounding up the debate talked about the issue of premature publication. In his opinion said those users of Kush can not be incarcerated because they are not under normal temperature and pressure.

The Deputy Speaker, Hon. Solomon Segepoh Thomas reiterated the Deputy Leader’s statement on MPs’ responsibilities, and congratulated the appointees after been approved.


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