The Deputy Minister of Information and Communications, Madam Mamadie Gobeh Kamara, has led a combined team of Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) and National Council for Civic Education and Development (NaCCED) officials on regional town hall engagement on President Bio’s three years in office.

Addressing stakeholders including chiefs, councilors, CSOs, youth and women’s groups, among others, in Kenema and Bo for the South-East Region past Monday and Tuesday, the Deputy Minister catalogued President Bio’s achievements particularly in the areas of Education, Health, Economy, Infrastructure, Agriculture, Energy, Press Freedom and also rebranding the image of Sierra Leone.

President Bio, she went on, has been able to win the confidence and trust of donor partners hence the huge support the country is presently enjoying in terms of implementation of national development projects.

Madam Mamadie Gobeh Kamara further eloquently articulated the President’s vision for the coming years and reiterated his unwavering commitment to meeting the aspirations of the populace in line with his Manifesto Commitments.

The Deputy Minister also responded to questions from the audience that followed her awesome presentation.

The regional public engagements continue in Makeni for the North-East Region and Port Loko for the North-West Regio

Catherine Jackson-Cole: The Blogger doc

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She held on to her phone as if her life depended on it. Even when her elbow was pinched she refused to let go. So who is Doc CJ-C? Her Twitter feeds gives interesting insights into the life and times of Doctor Catherine Jackson-Cole.

She is both a pharmacist and an MD. She took her job almost the same as President Bio. She opened a twitter account almost right away (October 2018).

Her first three tweets were about food and more food, vastly different from the tone and tenure of her recent tweets and newfound career as activist-blogger.

For three years she worked out of PCMH but frequented Connaught because, in her own words, she had “patients there”. Her term at PCMH ended on 3/19/21. She was radicalized at PCMH

She has had a long running battle with the utility services: Electricity Company and Guma Valley Water in particular over the erratic supply of services to PCMH.

For the last two years she has pilloried Guma in tweet after tweet. “Ar tire”, she tweeted on February 15, 2021. “PCMH from thy Kingdom Come, no water. Water dae oba the street but no water in the hosp. Last year na packet water we min dey use for scrub na theather.  This year Same shit…”

She is religious, very. Her faith (and family) seems to play a big role in her life. She is close to her sister (pictured) Her pre-photographer tweets are a cross between a motivational speaker and an evangelical preacher. She follows Joel and Victoria Osteen very keenly. She is a huge fan of The Chosen, the multi-season tv show about the life of Jesus. In anticipation of the arrival of a new season, she tweeted “So…excited…praying the day zooms by…lol” In week after week she exhorted her followers to” download the Pray app”.

She is an admirer of the FCC Mayor. The latter’s every award; public (mis)pronouncements and appearances feature prominently on her feeds. When Aki-Sawyer was long listed for the City mayor’s Foundation’s prize, Jackson-Cole tweeted on 3/24/21 , “We will VOTE”.

She has a soft spot for Vicky Remoe, Isha Sesay, Chernoh and the Africanist Press, Sheka Fornah and Augustine Sorie Sengbe-Marrah.  Remoe using her Adama Loves Akara handle proposed creating a TV show called ‘Men who cook’. Doc Jackson-Cole tweets “I am in support”

A sickening photo of a young man delivering a fatal blow to the head of a cat using a metal pipe, presumably for food, features prominently on her feed. She asks her followers “Hunger or Cruelty? what ya think? (2/24/2021)

She has a sense of humor. On 4/6/21 she tweeted, “Just took my sinopharm vaccine…I did not make a pretty so there will be no pics…”.   She found this quote hilarious “Thou shall not checketh for a man that checking not for thee”. In response she tweeted as a caption “Funniest shit I have heard all week! Truth Shit????????????”. After witnessing a St Patrick’s Day  event organized by an Irish volunteer, she tweeted (3/17/21) “Very sexy catwalk, I must admit! ”.

She cares about social issues, big and small: reforestation, climate change,  Tacugama Chimpanzee park, women’s empowerment etc. “We need to save our future” she wrote (3/22/21) in response to a tweet captioned “Guma under attack!” by Ahmed Nasrallah. She blames deforestation on palmoil farming.

She is very open about her life story.”…A year ago I was in such a severe state of clinical depression and psychotic breakdown that I literally slept in my mum’s bed…(7/5/20).

 Her first open dig at the current government came in a tweet on 7/6/20. “When the GOSL pouts because it was told by its HCW’s to pay up the risk allowance it owes them…”

She was vehemently opposed to the arrival of foreign medical teams to help Salone in the fight against covid. “We look forward to seeing them at our best beaches…in the name of aid’ she tweeted (rather sarcastically) of the Cubans (7/8/20)

She is fond of the S word. “I so need to learn this shit, I suck at it!” (3/1/21). She described PCMH and Connaught as “the same shit”

She is a prolific Twitterer ( is there any such word)?. On some days she posts as many as 15 tweets, not including the replies she gives to her own postings from followers. On 7/19/2020, around the time of the doctor’s strike, she churned out a record 16 tweets!. On 9/16/2020 she tweeted 10 times.

Since her elbow was pinched a day ago she has not relented either, she has tweeted and retweeted 12 times, 10 times on the day of the incident alone.

Doc CJ-C is clearly reveling in her newfound photographer/ Blogger fame. Any Attempt to wrestle her phone from her will not end well. She has found her niche.


Tourism Minister & Entertainment Ambassador Engage MTV Awards Team

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Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs Memunatu Pratt and Entertainment Ambassador, Kao Denero

The Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, Dr. Memunatu Pratt, Senior Officials of the Ministry and the Ambassador of Entertainment, Kao DeNero have held a virtual discussion with organizers of MTV Awards to host the event in Sierra Leone in 2022.

The MTV Mama award is a global award for Africa that attracts celebrities the world over that grace the event. The hosting of the MTV awards here in Sierra Leone presents an opportunity to sell Sierra Leone globally. The event has been hosted in Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa and Sierra Leone is the prime location of the MTV Mama Awards in 2022.

Giving her input, Minister Pratt started by thanking the organizers of the project which she considers exciting and an opportunity for Sierra Leone in the promotion of Tourism and Culture.

She assured that Sierra Leone is ready to host the event, and with the Ambassador of Entertainment and the music industry the country will play a successful host to MTV awards. She maintained that the hosting of the MTV awards in Sierra Leone will change and open the country to a lot of opportunities, noting that there is enough time to plan to make the event a success.

The Ambassador of Entertainment, Kao DeNero expressed gratitude and appreciation on behalf of the Sierra Leone music industry for the opportunity to host the event. He noted that the President and the first lady are excited about this, suggesting that it is but prudent for them to have a physical meeting with the MTV team here in Sierra Leone in order to map the way forward to make the event a huge success.

He said it is a blessing for Sierra Leone to host event of that magnitude, stressing that the country would benefit a lot in terms of what MTV has to offer.

The organizers of the MTV Africa Awards in their presentation mentioned that Sierra Leone is a good location to host the event and that they would work closely with the Ministry and the Ambassador of Entertainment to bring MTV awards to Sierra Leone.


Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai Gets Clearance

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After a thorough investigation by the Ethics Committee of the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA), Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai Esq the Former Premier league Board Chairman who also doubles as the CEO and owner of first division side LUAWA FC, has been cleared by the Ethics Committee as legible and fit to contest for the upcoming May 13th – 14th (SLFA) elections.

Mr. Abdulai will now go head to head with incumbent Madam Isha Johansen.

Mr Saffa has been working tremendously in pushing football in the country and put his country first for national development.

His records in football has clearly shown that if he is given the opportunity to serve as the president of the Sierra Leone football association then football will also make its history in Sierra Leone.  



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