As young guns spark, APC sure of positive results from Tripartite Committee but warn again against positive outcome


By Kabs Kanu

The young guns of the opposition All People’s Congress ( APC ) enthralled and delighted grassroots and vanguard of the party yesterday in a mammoth press conference called to update party members about the ongoing Tripartite Committee peace dialogue with the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP).

In the crowded APC Headquarters’ conference hall, jampacked by party officials, supporters , local and international media, diplomats , civil society and well-wishers , the young, vibrant and eloquent party stalwarts and members of the Tripartite committee held everybody spellbound with authoritative updates of progress made so far in the committee and answered the flurry of questions from the media, partisans and attendees of the well-publicized press conference to the satisfaction of the crowd.

APC supporters and cadres who were in the hall or watched the live broadcast around the world were highly fascinated by the zeal and boldness of the speakers and commended party representatives of the Tripartite Committee and officials who breathed hope back into the body politic of the APC.

Dr. Kelfala Marah, Dr. Richard Konteh, Lawyer Lansana Dumbuya , the Secretary of the APC, the publicity Secretary Mohamed Pope Kamara and indeed the party chairman, Hon. Minkailu Koroma are being praised for the candor, lucidity, frankness and boldness with which they addressed all the issues and questions. Anybody who failed to read the signs yesterday that the APC was on its way back to power will kick him/herself with disappointment when reality dawns that they were mistaken. The APC is cleverly and comprehensively mapping its way back to governance in Sierra Leone.

The abiding message of the press conference was that the APC remained very positive of the results that will be achieved by the tripartite committee in ensuring that democracy and free and fair elections arevrestored to Sierra Leone but officials again warned yesterday for the outcome not to be preempted. The APC will make solid and far-reaching recommendations , partisans were fully assured yesterday but the recommendations will emerge after thorough investigations and exposure of the criminal elections fraud and malpractices committed by the ruling SLPP at the 2023 general elections.

Yesterday’s update was succinct and thorough and erased all doubts about the direction the party is heading.

Dr. Kelfala Marah and Dr. Richard Konteh—-who are now the stars of the APC—-explained powerfully and carefully the two-fold mandate they will be pursuing at the tripartite committee. They will thoroughly investigate the June 24, 2023 elections , mounting a comprehensive and in-depth enquiry into the entire electoral process, starting from the voters registration, the challenges in polling and the manner of the transmission of results from the polling stations and the announcement of the results. Along with the international community, who are part of the committee, they will unearth every unsavory procedure and make appropriate recommendations. Then also, they will look at the 2007, 2012 and 2018 elections as well, with the expressed purpose to unearth the weaknesses of the polls to ensure thorough reforms of the electoral process in Sierra Leone. Either way, the APC will benefits from the reform of the electoral process, being grassroots and the party of the people .

From the zeal, excitement and partisanship demonstrated by APC party grassroots, cadres and vanguard yesterday, it is clear that the nefarious machinations of power-hungry rebel members of the party will be overcome by the APC as much stronger and more powerful young members as well as leaders like Drs Kelfala Marah , Richard Konteh , Lawyer Lansana Dumbuya and others have folded up their sleeves and ready to fight for the APC. All they asked for from partisans yesterday was patience and chance to members of the tripartite committee to do their work.


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