The Makeni City Council has in an extraordinary Council meeting held on Saturday September 7th, 2019 adopted and inaugurated His Royal Eminence Dr.Rahmon Adegoke Adedoyin – Maye (Prince) of the Yoruba Clan of Nigeria as Honorary Councillor of the City of Makeni.

Dr. Rahmon Adegoke Adedoyin is a Nigerian educationist and businessman. He is the founder and proprietor of Oduduwa University of Nigeria; “The” Polytechnic in Ile-Ife, Nigeria; Our Saviours University of America, USA; Oduduwa Polytechnic, Lagos; Unique Citizens University College, Ghana; Our Saviours Tours and Visitors Company of America, Newyork; Hilton Hotel, Nigeria;  Our saviours University Properties LLC, USA; Ray Power Guards LTD, Lagos & Abuja (A Security outfit); FAMF Bank LTD, Nigeria and Beta Foundation GTE/LTD.

His Royal Eminence Dr.Rahmon Adegoke Adedoyin came to Sierra Leone on the invitation of the University of Makeni (UniMak) to serve as Guest Speaker on the University’s Post Graduate Convocation ceremony.

“Even though you are not a Sierra Leonean, we honor and celebrate you today as proud African, your reputation and investments around the world are commendable”, Mayor Sunkarie Kamara said.

While responding, the Yoruba Prince thanked the Mayor and Councillors for the honor bestowed on him, he promised continued friendship with the City of Ile-Ife and Makeni.

“I will tell my business partners and everybody in my City and Country of the hospitality I enjoyed in Makeni City”, Dr.Rahmon said.

“The business dinner that was organized yesterday has opened my eyes to the potential areas of Investment in Makeni City, I and my team will look at it and decide the next steps”, the Yoruba Prince concluded.

Chief Iyabode Adedoyin – Wife of the Prince, was also initiated by Ceremonial Chiefs and given the title “Ya Nakama”, meaning Mother of the People.

The Yoruba Prince is seen by many as the only African owning Three Universities and Two Polytechnics.


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