UPL Condemns Actions of Sierra Leone National Football Referees Organization


The Union of Premier League Clubs (UPLC) has condemn the action of the Sierra Leone National Football Referees Organization -SLNFRO  to boycott a premier league match between Freetown FC and FC Kallon At the Attouga Stadium.

The press release stated that “as a Union that seeks the welfare of its members and is highly focused on promoting our beautiful game, we see such a decision against FC Kallon as harsh, hasty and very unprofessional”.

Therefore, the SLNFRO as a major partner in developing the game they are implored to rethink their decision as such has the tendency to put the game into absolute disrepute and set a very bad precedent.

The press release clearly stated that stopping the game from playing will hinder its continuation, and by extension paving the way for a negative outcome which has the proclivity of bringing the game into disrepute.     The action is against the FIFA and CAF Codes of Conduct, and the SLFA Statute. The underlying principle is that the beautiful game should always play and all other disagreements and issues settled later

As a union, we request the following:

1. That the Sierra Leone Football Association and the Premier League Board swiftly probe into the said matter and bring forward amicable solutions.

2. That the SLFA and PLB engage with the leadership of all Premier League Clubs to pursue the recommendation in point one above.

3. That the match between Freetown City FC and FC Kallon is rescheduled immediately and not later than this weekend. That is either the 21st/22nd of January 2023.

4. Finally, to maintain the integrity of the game the above recommendations are acted upon within seven working days.


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