The Continuous Chancery Building FACADE


The State —- I mean the ACC in this case — has not shown yet any material evidence to the public that funds were disbursed in 2016 or prior to any other time before FY2019.

The only evidence that is out there, which everyone has seen and which actually prompted the ACC to build their case on a false premise, is the evidence that the Africanist Press published in May 2021.

What is that evidence?

The Africanist Press produced and published bank statements from the Bank of Sierra Leone, which clearly show that over $4.6 million was transferred in 2019 by the foreign affairs ministry to NYC for the explicit purpose of renovating the Chancery Building. The funds were never used for the stated purpose.

In another leg of the evidence, we also showed transaction details showing explicit wit how the funds came into the BSL in Freetown from the Chinese government in 2018. The first transactions came in March 2018, on the eve of the elections, the rest of the transactions came in during the tenure of the Bio regime. All funds were taken out during the tenure of the Bio regime.

That is the only evidence that is still in the public domain. No one has shown any other transactions in support of any other allegations outside of the detailed financial evidence we have published.

No one in government and those in the opposition who wanted to use this case to exclude Samura Kamara from the June 2023 elections have shown any evidence outside of the evidence shown in our publications. And our evidence shows that it was officials of the Bio regime who transferred the funds in 2019 in the name of renovating the chancery building which they never did. They even took building permits in 2021 that has a completion date for the chancery building. What did they do in the building?

In our publications, we mentioned the fact that the Chancery Building is in a derelict status. That nothing was done on the Chancery Building.

If nothing else, the Chancery Building visit has shown that the Africanist Press reports were FACTUAL and ACCURATE.

Now, both the ACC and those in the opposition who advised them behind the scenes to build a case on a false premise against Samura Kamara are now caught in their own snare. This is because they want to ignore the real evidence that we published. They eve. refuse to acknowledge the FACT that this scandal, created by Bio’s officials, was exposed by our own investigative journalism project: the Africanist Press.

THOSE WHO CARE ABOUT TRUTH AND CARE ABOUT THE IMAGE OF SIERRA LEONE, the evidence is clear to them. They just need to ask the following questions, without even getting the answers, they will understand the facade and the mess that the politicians on both sides — SLPP and APC—- have created.

  1. If the SLPP inherited a corruption case against Samura Kamara while he was foreign affairs minister on the chancery building, why did they go ahead to transfer funds in 2019 for the renovation?
  2. Why did they not mention it in the GTT report?
  3. Why was it not the subject of COI?
  4. Why did Bio visit NY both in 2018, 2019 without raising?
  5. Why did the matter come up only when the Africanist Press reported the 2019 funds that were transferred when Alie Kabba was minister and Bio was president?
  6. Now why did Chericoco and all these MPs approve Fisher when he is handling one of the most ugly political cases in Sierra Leone’s history?
  7. Why are they not talking about the over $4.6 million transferred in 2019? What did the Bio regime do with those funds?
  8. Why did they take building permits in 2021 to complete the project and didn’t do anything on the building?
  9. Why did they refuse to pay the contractors and the subcontractors they hired in 2019?
  10. Why is Samura Kamara in court for a crime committed by Bio’s regime?
  11. Why was the APC leadership and their MPs silent on this matter?
  12. Is this not a disgrace to the entire political class as a group?
  13. Did the visit not show that the Africanist Press report are all accurate?
  14. Why is the opposition and their ruling party friends avoiding to acknowledge that?

You can find details of these transactions from here:

Until we are able to stand for TRUTH and JUSTICE regardless of who it affects or benefits, our humanity remains questionable.

In TRUTH there is always SALVATION. May God bless you all in this month of reflection, prayer, and sacrifice!

Chernoh Alpha M Bah
Africanist Press


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