Samura Kamara: Ready to win June  Elections !!


By Mustapha Ezekiel Dumbuya

Members of the All Peoples Congress (APC) party has on February20, 2023 endorsed and nominated Dr. Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara as the flag bearer.

Kamara will lead the APC Party for the forthcoming General Elections in June. At the party Regional Office in Makeni Kamara, he received a popular vote. And at the National Delegates Conference, Dr. Samura Kamara topped the polls with 1,382 valid votes counted giving him a landslide victory.

Dr. Richard Conteh followed closest with 88 votes, and then Dr. Kelfala Marah with 58 votes.

Giving his speech after taking the oath to uphold both the Sierra Leone and APC constitutions, Dr. Samura Kamara said the APC party have less time to organize and launch its campaign. He is encouraging all his supporters and party stalwarts to work as a team.

According to Samura, there are no more separate teams among the party, as all Flag bearers now constitute the team. It’s necessary to come together and start the work needed to get rid of the SLPP so that this country can be rebuilt as quickly as possible and reduce poverty and hunger in families and children.

“Our focus will be on how we can rebuild the Sierra Leone’s economy and improve the social services of our people,” he said.

During his brief victory speech, Dr. Samura Kamara applauded the NDC’s electoral system and heaped praise on all party members and supporters for the critical role they played.

“We are writing more history today and a history that we think that will result in a profound change both in our political processes and in general,” Dr. Samura Kamara said.

He reaffirmed that his campaign will base on five principles, one of which is commitment to national unity.

He urged the other competitors to work in partnership and help to build back Sierra Leone after he had worn the 24 June, 2023 General Elections.

He stressed the need on his part to be willing to work with every party member and to strengthen the democratic structure of not only the party, but the country as a whole.


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