Meteorological Agency Trains Journalists on Weather Forecast


By Adonis Williams

The Sierra Leone Meteorological Agency has held a one-day media training with Journalists on weather Forecast. The training was hosted at the head office of the Agency at 18 Charlotte Street in Freetown on Thursday 27th August 2020. 

Gabriel Kpaka the Deputy Director-General and head of operations of the Agency said the training was conducted to guide journalists on how to report correctly on the weather forecast they report to the public.

 The Director further explained that the training was also captured on building the human technical capacity of journalists for them to understand the roles and responsibilities of the Agency and the content of the weather forecast.

“The reason for calling on media practitioners is because they are the sole agent of passing information to the public in different local languages” he said.

 Mr. Kpaka added that the Agency has always been updating or predicting the weather when it comes to disaster risk prevention, noting that they are operating before, during and after a disaster using their monitoring forecast information.

 This he said, they will continue to be informing the public at any time or every season by advising them on the earth most weather condition in the country.

 He ended that they will continue to support and empower journalists to be giving correct and accurate weather forecast to the public as they are dealing with accurate weather forecast.  


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