Energy Minister Delivers 36 Containers to Bo/Kenema Rehabilitation Project As Minister of Energy, Alhaji Kanja Sesay delivers another 36 set of containers for the Bo/Kenema rehabilitation and expansion project, EDSA Director General, Dr. Joe Lahai Sormana promises a total fix …


The Minister of Energy, Alhaji Kanja Sesay and delegation has on Friday 21st August, 2020 delivered the 4th set of materials for the rehabilitation and expansion of the Bo/Kenema network project. The thirty-six (36) 40ft containers were displayed at the shelmingo roundabout and deposited at the Yormandu project storage facility.

The astute and prudent statesman, Alhaji Kanja Sesay said that his presence was to continuously assure residents of Bo/Kenema of President Bio’s manifesto promise to electrify Bo/Kenema and its environs. He went on to say that the 36 set of containers were exclusively meant for the project work and contains LV cables and accessories.

Mr. Sesay said that the project/civil works would fully commence in September, even though the design of the project was completed and mobilization of materials ongoing. He encouraged residents of the two cities to exercise some patience, while assuring them that upon completion of the project, residents would enjoy clean, stable, reliable and sustainable electricity.

 In his speech, the Director General of EDSA, Dr. Joe Lahai Sormana expressed delight over the project and stated clearly that the role of EDSA was to ensure that the deliverables of the project as stipulated in the contract document are clearly adhered to by the contractors.

Dr. Lahai said that the project team at EDSA would closely monitor and work with the contractors to ensure that the materials supplied match with specifications in the contract agreements.

The Director General of EDSA further called on residents of the two cities to own the project by providing all necessary support during the implementation stage. He acknowledged the fact that the two cities had serious electricity challenges while also applauding Government, through the Ministry of Energy, for supporting the drive to increase electricity supply to Bo and Kenema.

The Project Manager for SINOTEC, Mrs. Zheng, spoke about the scope of their contract. She said that their work includes constructing 700 kilometers LV work, 190 kilometers 11kv work and installation of 176 different transformers. Similarly, the Resident Manager, T&D Solutions Limited, Pawan Kumar, highlighted the scope of their job which involves building six 33 kv substations.

It is certain that the Bo/Kenema rehabilitation and expansion project is geared towards ensuring that the electricity challenges experienced by residents of the two cities is totally brought to an end.


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