As Lawyer Writes on Death of a Citizen…Brouhaha over APC’s Evangelist Samson’s Death


Members of the All People’s Congress (APC) party are calling on the current government to institute an immediate investigation of the killing of a man who was a favorite APC supporter.

A senior legal practitioner, Lansana Dumbuya Esq. has written a formal letter to the Ministry of Internal Affairs dated 29th August, 2022.

In his letter, he wrote: “I have been consulted and my services retained by relatives of the late Hassan Dumbuya (deacesed) commonly known as Evangelist Samson (hereinafter referred to as my clients), who have instructed me to write on their behalf. I  am further instructed that on the 11th August 2022, the deceased was murdered (shot dead) by some state security Sierra Leone Police in Makeni City, Bombali District in the Northern Province of the Republic of Sierra Leone and his remains taken by the Police including properties in his possession (his phones, wrist watch, money in his wallet etc.).

“I am instructed also that on that fateful day, the deceased was sitting with some of his friends in a private bar in Makeni when the Police arrived and shot only the deceased amongst his friends, although the deceased and his friends were unarmed he never resisted an arrest by the said Police; was not in a riot, insurrection or mutiny; was not violent to the Police; was not committing a criminal offence; and there was at that time no war in the country nor was the deceased killed consequent upon a Court order. Such act by the Sierra Leone Police contravenes section I6 (1) of the 1991 Constitution.

“I am further instructed that since the death of the deceased, relatives of the deceased have demanded that the corpse be given to them, initially the state refused to hand over the said corpse to the family.

“Take notice that I am instructed to state that the said corpse is neither a public property/ a state’s property and the Government has no right within the Laws of Sierra Leone to continue to hold on to the said corpse and that the relatives demand that the Government makes available the said corpse to them. However, I have been informed by the family that based on a police press release on the death of Evangelist Samson, it was stated that the family could approach them for the corpse, the family approached the Sierra Leone Police and they have been informed that the corpse would be handed over to them. 1 have been informed that your Ministry is now handling the 188ue and that you have asked the family to identity the corpse so that it can be handed over to them. The family has therefore request that I accompany them for such 1dentihcation and collection of the body of Evangelist Samson.

“I remain grateful for your kindest understanding and I verily believe you would advise the Government accordingly.”


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