Political Tension on Rampage


By Ezekiel Dumbuya

Political Instability and tension over the years in Sierra Leone have connected to tribalism, hate and nepotism are been floating amongst political leaders.

This tension has created many political leaders and politicians to feel uncomfortable during and after been served their political appointment or their tenure of office.

In Sierra Leone, many Politicians flew away to European countries seeking refuge as a result of political intermediation or questioning for giving account after their tenure of office.

Owing to the fact that every president has his own political line connected to tribalism which has left many questions as to when and why that should be in our country.

Several political figures have suffered immensely in police detention and some even sent to prison under such act and that cannot be done under a democratic state.

The essence of holding political leaders or appointees can create hatred and tribalism amongst citizens which cannot give clear public perception in any democratic state.

Sierra Leone has been suffering under political tension, tribalism, and hatred since the inception of the two main political parties.

 Just after the advent of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party led by president Bio there have been several incidents that took place within a few weeks ago that led the loss of several Lives of patriotic citizens in Sierra Leone.

The shooting dead of several prisoners at the Sierra Leone Male correctional center in Freetown by presidential guards, as well as the arrest and detention of opposition politician Dr. Blyden.

The riot that took place in Makeni City led to the loss of several lives which can also be attributed to Political Instability and rising tension in Sierra Leone.  

As political parties, whether in Government or Opposition, we all have a sacred duty to ensure that our people live in peace and not in a permanent state of fear and insecurity. And certainly, no political party should be proud to drag their people back into bloodshed and death.

The ideology of creating political instability and rising tension, tribalism, hate speech, and nepotism should be totally a theme of the past and extend peace coition amongst all political parties across the country.    

To abstain from such a situation the two main political the All Peoples Congress (APC) and the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) take a step back from their confrontational stance our nation is doomed.

If both parties are actually manned by people, this is the time for them to show us unambiguously that they understand what patriotism means.

A true patriot would not keep pushing his/her country closer and closer to the brink of a civil war. And Allah/God knows and we should know what a civil war means.

The government of Sierra Leone through president Bio has to create a conducive environmental atmosphere and governed its people as a democratic system of government.


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